5 Best 9×13 Cake Pans For Baking in 2022

I hope you will agree with me when I say:
 Bakeware can never be complete without a good cake pan. 

That said, Baking at home can be frustrating and it’s even HARDER when you don’t know what baking pan to use for it. Finding the perfect 9×13 cake pan is not easy at all. Some are too small and some do not transmit heat quickly & effectively so your cake baking times can be at the higher end of the spectrum. A good, no, great 9×13 baking dish transmits heat quickly & effectively thoroughly so your cake baking times can be as low as possible and doesn’t rust after using it a couple of times. So for your convenience, after spending multiple hours on research, we have compiled a list of the top 5 usable 9×13 baking pans for cakes that you can get online. We thought this is the top cake pan size you can get out of all the square cake pans sizes so we decided to review all of these for you! Furthermore, You might be wondering: “Why do you need a quality cake pan” or “How to grease a pan for cake“. So to answer those questions, I have included a “more information” section at the end of the blog.

So whether you’re new to baking or a seasoned veteran, I hope you get what you’ve been looking for, a great cake pan. Without any further ado, here are the:

Best 9×13 Cake Pan For Bakers:

Here is a list of our top picks for pans you can get right now:

Cake PansRatingPrice
Aluminized Steel Cake Pan10/10 (Editor's Choice)
Nonstick Coated Cake Pan8/10
Classic Metal Covered Cake Pan9/10
Heavy Gauge Steel Cake Pan9/10
Silver Granite With Ceramic Non-Stick8/10

Buying Guide:

If you are looking to buy a Cake pan, there are some things you need to account for and keep in mind while looking. There are several factors that should be considered as a cake pan can either make or break the deal. Make sure the cake pan you get best suits your needs and has exactly what you are looking for. Generally, here are some things you need to look for in a cake pan:

Size: The size of the cake pan is something which can either make you the finest cake possible or the worst one. Luckily, if you are here, that means you have already decided on the size as this list includes all the best 9×13 Cake pans on the market.

Price: Price is another huge factor when it comes to choosing the perfect and finest cake pan for yourself that will fulfill your needs. Make sure you know what your budget is before going on to buy a cake pan as that will help you determine the supreme choice for yourself.

Warranty: Obviously another thing to look for when treating yourself to cake pans for your baking journey is the warranty a single cake pan has. Clearly, the more money you spend, the better the warranties tend to get. But before buying into a cake pan make sure to read if it has available warranties in case it turns out to be faulty.

1. Aluminized Steel Cake Pan

   Why We Love It

  • Easy to wash because of the non-stick technology
  • A patented silicone coating that is BPA free
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Multiple sizes for you to choose from


Pros Cons
✅ Extremely cheap❌ Has folded corners
✅ Great heat distribution

In-Depth Details:

We recommend this baking pan to anyone who is in search of the perfect 9×13 cake pan on Amazon.

This baking pan is designed with an Americoat coating to promote quick release of baked goods and in addition to that, fast and easy cleanup as well.

USA Pans has been manufacturing cake pans in the United States for over 60 years. They have one of the top reviews on their product, including nearly 6,000 positive ones.

This product is one of the cheapest on the list and serves its purpose well by baking your cake to the greatest of its ability without sticking them to the pan at all. The pan bakes evenly and because of its superior materials, can handle extremely high temperatures.

What’s So Special About This Product?

This 9×13 baking pan is made with commercial grade and heavy gauge aluminized steel with a lifetime warranty. This Rectangular Cake Pan also features a steel wire in the rim, which provides extra strength and further provides resistance to warping.

It also has a non-stick silicone coating and can be cleaned up easily with warm soapy water and a sponge. This Baking Pan has the most efficient cake pan size out of all the square cake pans sizes I have used over the years. it also has one of the most appealing baking pan materials we have ever seen.

Although it’s a few dollars more expensive than your regular Cake Pan, I say it’s worth it. You can’t find a 14-inch square cake tin or a 12-inch cake tin that is better than this one. 

2. Nonstick Coated Cake Baking Pan

Why We Love It

  • Easy cake release, no spraying required
  • Attractive light pink color
  • Carbon steel design with rolled edges
  • Even airflow distribution from the diamond textured baking surface


Pros Cons
✅ Durable❌ Needs spray or a liner for cakes
✅ Even airflow distribution

In-Depth Details:

For professional and small industrial usage, our choice is this ultra-cuisine beautiful coated cake baking pan.

The diamond-structured baking surface of the rectangular baking pan consistently distributes airflow and bakes cakes, cupcakes, brownies, and more to perfection, and evenly.

You won’t have to scrape your cake off this nonstick pan since it will slide easily off the nonstick 9×13 baking pan; its coating is food safe enabling quick and easy cake release. You don’t even need to spray or apply oil/butter on this cake pan because of its nonstick technology.

What’s Special About This Product?

This Product is Food-safe, durable, warp-resistant, scratch-resistant, carbon steel design with rolled edges, which means you can use a professional sheet cake pan with no worry of rusting or chrome flaking off into your food. Every rectangular cake baking pan also comes with a complimentary recipe e-book with purchase.

This leading 9×13 cake pan also has an aesthetic and extravagant-looking color which will make your kitchen mats and theme look extremely attractive and add to its beauty. it is also made for easy clean-up, which means no need for scrubbing or scouring.

Extra Tip: for satisfying results, try to use parchment paper sheets or silicone baking mats as those will definitely help while taking the cake out of the Baking Pan.

3. Classic Metal Covered Cake Pan By Nordic Ware

 Why We Love It:

  • Covered top for even rise
  • Aluminum’s superior heat conductivity makes the cake rise evenly
  • Easy clean up due to good materials used for manufacturing


Pros Cons
✅ Made of pure aluminum❌ Can only be hand washed
✅ 100% Rust-free ❌ Sharp edged
✅ Durable lid

In-Depth Details:

If you’re just beginning to bake cakes, this cake pan should meet all of your needs and more. Not only is it made from quality aluminum, but it also has a lid that serves as a great barrier to bake the cake evenly and provide a good and even rise.

This natural Nordic aluminum bakeware crafted by an expert craftsman is manufactured from high-quality aluminum to last a lifetime.

What makes this product top-notch in my eyes is the trust of their customers, it is loved by over 5000 people on Amazon and they have one of the most supreme customer services if you have any trouble or issue with the pan.

Compared to the previous cake pans, this company beats them by a mile just because of its lid and enhanced heat conductivity, and encapsulated steel rim.

What’s Special About This Product?

This natural aluminum commercial bakeware is made of pure aluminum which will never rust for a lifetime of durability. Baked goods rise and bake evenly within the baking pan due to aluminum’s superior heat conductivity and the reinforced confined steel rim prevents warping of any kind.

This product is one of the finest  9×13 cake pans with a lid that can be found online due to its heat productivity and its ability to transmit heat quickly & effectively all across the pan’s surface.

By far, this one is the foremost 9×13 baking dish which includes a lid according to me. it has a great traybake tin and the cover is extremely useful. it is also very lightweight, weighing just around 320g while the cover weighs around 232g. 

4. Rachael Ray Heavy Gauge Steel Cake Pan

Why We Love It:

  • The cake pan is oven safe to 500 degrees Fahrenheit
  • A lid can be bought alongside it
  • Nonstick that will last for years
  • The unique shiny black color with orange handles


Pros Cons
✅ Versatile❌ Coating can flake after few months
✅ Colorful grippy handles
✅ Safe to upto 500 degrees

What’s Special About This Product?

This nonstick 9×13 cake pan works great as a lasagna pan or roasting pan and is made from heavy gauge steel for everyday use that resists warping.

This nonstick cake pan comes with a convenient, sturdy snap-on lid and has vibrant rubberized grippy handles to provide a confident grasp while baking. If you were looking for baking pans in different shapes, you don’t need to look any further as this one is the best 9×13 cake pan on the market.

This baking pan also has handsome red handles to go with your kitchen. By far, a leading cake pan size that has such an aesthetic to it and is totally useable. This pan can handle temperatures up to 500 degrees Fahrenheit. The handles are large, so it’s really easy to get this pan in and out of the oven, even with oven mitts!


The Non-stick might start to deteriorate after a few months of use and it can catch rust. Although it’s not a big problem as after a good clean the rust will go away and the non-stick can be replaced by using butter instead but it can cause frustration amongst the customers if they are not aware of the problem.

5. Silver Granite With Ceramic Non-Stick By CasaWare

Why We Love It:

  • Heavy 0.8mm weight keeps the pan from bending in high temperatures
  • Unique ceramic-coated carbon steel used for the manufacturing
  • Food slides right off with just one wipe


Pros Cons
✅ Very Sturdy❌ Heavy in weight
✅ Scratch resistant
✅ Can handle very high temperatures

In-Depth Details:

Designed with a ceramic non-stick surface, the material offers a better baking experience. With a soft wipe and food slides right off.

These 0.8mm baking pans with silver Granite Ceramic surface provide durable and scratch-resistant surfaces.

What’s Special About This Product?

Everything about this baking pan is extraordinary. It has the best baking pan material (Silver Granite) with ceramic non-stick technology. This product has such a good non-stick surface that you don’t even need cake pans with sliders to take off the baked goods from the base of the baking pan.

Its Silver Granite material also lets it bake everything evenly. Because it being heavy (0.8mm) and thick, it can withstand extremely high temperatures that normal baking pans simply cannot.


The baking pans mentioned above have been compiled into a list of the top 9×13 baking pans after countless hours of research on 9×13 cake pan reviews. If you’ve been looking for great quality baking pans of that specific size, then look no further as these are the greatest ones you can find on Amazon right now. Now you can enjoy the joys of baking and sharing it with your family with no fear of a faulty pan that will ruin your experience.

 So what’re you waiting for? go ahead, bake your family and friends the finest cookies they will ever eat. Happy baking! 



More Information

Why you need a quality cake pan:

It’s always good to invest in a good cake pan if you’re a fan of baking or have just recently started. The main reason for that is, if you’re going to take baking seriously, the cheaply made cake pans start to either rust or they can’t withstand high temperatures and as a result, they slowly start to chip away. But with the cake pans that are made from one of the supreme baking pan materials you can find, which are mentioned above in the list, that is bound to never happen. It’s always good to have surety that what you’re baking in isn’t injurious to your or your loved ones’ health. Another factor that most bakers care about is the aesthetic of their kitchen.

If you’re one of them and want the cake pan to go with your kitchen knife sets, your mats, or your kitchen theme as a whole, these cake pans come in different colors and styles for you to choose from! The above-mentioned baking pans aren’t only the best they’re the most loved products on amazon and have thousands of reviews so you don’t have to doubt whether you’re making the right choice in choosing to buy these products.

How to grease a pan for the cake:

Chances are if you are looking for cake pans, you’re a new baker and even if you’re a seasonal veteran, I think you can benefit from learning how to grease your brand new cake pans. For that purpose, we have included a guide on how to grease a pan for a cake for your convenience. First off, with the use of a kitchen towel (make sure it’s clean), you need to rub a little bit of butter around the inside of the baking pan and grease it. Afterward, you need to take a spoonful of flour and spread it evenly and lightly inside the greased pan. Now you need to turn over the cake pan and lightly tap it to get rid of any excess flour.

Do you need to grease and flour a nonstick cake pan:

Now the question about if you need to grease a nonstick pan might rise. The simple answer is no, you don’t. Nonstick bakeware does not require you to grease the cake pan, but sometimes there can be complications. You do need to grease your pans even if they’re nonstick just to be safe. Of course, you don’t want to bake a cake that will never come out of the cake pan, right? So better safe than sorry!

If you’re still confused about how you can prepare cake pans before popping them into the oven. Here is a video that will certainly help:




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