Cutco Knives Review – Is It worth it?

I hope you’ll agree with me when I say:

 There never was a good knife made out of bad steel. 

Finding the perfect knives to wield in the kitchen can be frustrating and burdensome. Not to mention the hassle of finding the best cutlery company. So if you’re done with trying out cheap knives and are ready to spend some money on your kitchen knives and cutlery for their exclusive longevity and durability, you should definitely consider Cutco as a top-tier option. Although these knives cost a lot, their strength and sharpness alone should be enough to convince you to give these knives a chance!

But based on this Cutco knives review, is buying Cutco knives worth it or no? Let’s find out.

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Cutco Knives Review 2022:

List of all the top Cutco products on the market and their ratings:

Pros Cons
✅ Long Lasting❌ Expensive
✅ Do not dull❌ Not as sharp as Wusthof knives
✅ Forever guarantee
✅ Free sharpening service

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Originally founded in 1949, Cutco has created its name over the years. They have made a very unique Cutco chef knife and many other such knives which have done nothing but concreate their names in the cutlery world. These knives allow you to be rough and hard on them without dulling at all. What I like most about the Cutco knives is that they have various types of cutlery and knives to choose from. On top of that, they also offer to sharpen your cutlery and repair it free of cost on the basis that you cover the shipping fees. So you don’t have to worry even if your knives dull after a few years of work! To make things even better, Cutco offers all their customers coverage by The Forever Guarantee. Which definitely increased my trust in them.

Are Cutco Knives Good?

A specialty exclusive to Cutco is its long-lasting sharpness and durability. The Cutco knife quality is so good that they can be used for 10+ years without dulling or chipping at all. They simply do not fall apart or breakaway. The knife blade, which is riveted to the handle on both sides, is extremely razor-sharp. It can slice through anything, from cakes to nuts. These knives also present themselves as the best because of the dishwasher-safe material they are made out of. Posing no threats of breaking or diminishing. So if you’re looking for a long-term investment, this company should be your go-to.

Cutco’s Free Demo Services:

Because of the high price, most people don’t trust Cutco to always deliver on their promise and become hesitant. The founder of Cutco acknowledged this issue and has added a feature to schedule a demo from their website. For this demo, an individual will come to your house and show you the magic this knife possesses. However, if you don’t mind purchasing cutlery unseen, then you can buy their products on Amazon.

Cutco knives care:

Although these knives are dishwasher safe, Cutco recommends that you use hand-washing as a method to clean the knives as when they go through a dishwasher they can get damaged and their shine can be affected by it because of the dishwasher detergent and the content in the water minerals. Yes, you can just throw them in the dishwasher but they can prove devastating for your knives so it is not the ideal method of care.

Cutco Knives Forever Guarantee and Sharpness Guarantee:

Another phenomenal trait about these Cutco knives is that Cutco offers all their customers a free Forever guarantee. Meaning it doesn’t matter if you got the knives as a gift or bought it and didn’t like it. If you are not satisfied with the performance of these knives, you can return them whenever you want. You can return them on the basis that a company representative will replace the product or correct the problem for you. However, this policy only applies if you broke the knife using it conventionally. If you broke the knife while doing something you shouldn’t be doing then Cutco will replace them on the basis that you have to pay half the cost of the knives plus taxes. Another great facility that Cutco has is the forever sharpness guarantee. This guarantee makes it so if your Cutco cutlery set dulls out you can just send them to One of their many warehouses across the US and pay them a small fee which covers shipping, they can sharpen the said Cutco cutlery set for you. If you send in 10 knives it will only cost you about $9. If you send more than 10 and less than 26 it will cost you around $11. The price is not that bad considering your Cutco steak knife set will be razor-sharp after they’re back from the warehouse.

Cutco knife types:


Cutco’s Distinct Double D Edge:

If you’ve been researching Cutco cutlery, you’ve probably wondered what kind of blade these mystical knives hold. Well, the Cutco steak knife has a cutting edge named the Double D edge. Though, this is not a serrated edge. The Cutco Double D edge has 3 cutting points, they are not on the edge of the blade but rather on the side, keeping the stainless steel blade sharp as ever. And it’s because of this edge that no matter what surface you use this knife on, it will never dull. This blade is definitely a mentionable quality in this Cutco knives review.

Cutco’s straight edge:

Some of the Cutco knives come as a straight edge. One benefit this has over the D edged-knives is that these can be sharpened at home easily and there are fewer chances of them getting beat up in the process. Cutco’s straight-edged knives offer an economic handle that is built for every type of hand. it doesn’t matter if you have a small or a large hand. All you have to do is grip the handle and it will basically lead you into place so you can precisely cut your food without any troubles. These blades are made from a material called 440A high-carbon stainless steel for optimal performance.

Cutco’s Santako knives:

Cutco also has Santako-style knives. Although Santako-style knives are not exclusive to only Cutco, a knife style mostly made in the region of Japan. These knives are between 5 to 8 inches long and have a sheepsfoot blade. This specific blade has a straight cutting edge with an unsharpened curve back spine. Santako knives are usually used to slice dice and mince. Cutco uses the same material they use for their regular products in the manufacturing of these Japanese-styled knives. Cutco’s forever guaranteed and the forever sharp guarantee also applies to this style of blade. Cutco knife quality is one of the best for these knives and is a great deal if you are looking for something long-term that will serve you and will be one of the best to use in terms of slicing and dicing.

Cutco cutlery set:

If you are looking for a one-and-done deal for a lifetime when it comes to cutlery, this set is made for you. It includes 21 pieces including a beautiful wooden knife block. It has all the essentials you will need for years to come and it won’t break or rust on you. From a Cheese knife to 8 Table Knives, it has it all in top-notch quality, making it one of the best on our list of Cutco knives!

Cutco Super shears:

Except for knives, Cutco also manufactures shears which they have named “super shears”. These shears are super strong and can even cut a penny into a corkscrew! They are made out of stainless steel material with a special formula that keeps them from breaking and will go far beyond your expectations. Don’t believe me? Click here to watch the magic with your own eyes. These shears work perfectly well as they did years ago and I have not had any issues with them. I think it’s safe to say these super shears by Cutco deserve their spot on this Cutco knives list.


After testing and researching through numerous Cutco Knives reviews, we have concluded that these knives are worthy of your time, money, and efforts. In case you’re looking for a knife or a cutlery set that will last for many upcoming years, this is exactly what you need. Even though it is expensive, you will enjoy the sharpness and durability of these knives as you start using them.

People Also Ask:

What are Cutco handles made of?

Made out of a dishwasher-safe material that does not rust or break, the handles on these Cutco kitchen knife sets will completely not crack, chip, or absorb moisture. The handles on these Cutco steak knives set and other such knives are made from highly engineered thermo-risen and are available in many colors depending on the style of the knife you choose. People can also add custom engraving on the knife so you can know which knife is yours and which one is your mother’s. This customizable feature also serves as a great gift!

Is Cutco a pyramid scheme?

Cutco knives are primarily sold through their sales reps who are employed by Vector Marketing. Vector Marketing hires college or high school students and other willing workers to provide face-to-face demos of the knife’s magic, which often is to family and friends. This confusion leads some people to believe the false rumors that Cutco is a pyramid scheme. However, Vector is not a multi-level marketing company but a direct sales company. Their sales reps are not responsible to hire people working under them. Hence this theory has been proven wrong.

How to Sharpen Cutco Knives?

To keep any knife in shape, maintenance is one of the most important and difficult tasks. To maintain the edge of a Cutco knife, It has to be sharpened every once in a while to keep its sharp edge. For this reason, here is a guide on Cutco knives sharpening that will certainly help you out:

Sharpening instructions (whetstone):

Soak your whetstone in water for about 10 minutes and take it out. Put the Cutco chef knife on a 15° angle to the whetstone, now with slight pressure on the knife, move the blade away and towards your body multiple times. You can repeat the process until you’re satisfied with how sharp the blade edge has gotten. After doing one side, go ahead and flip the knife and repeat the same process once again on the other side. Make sure you proportionally sharpen both sides as if it is done incorrectly it can be hard to regain a symmetrically sharpened Cutco cutlery set knives.

Note: This can prove fatal for your knives if it’s done incorrectly. It can mess up the knives and their sharp edges.

Redeem the FREE Knife Sharpening at Cutco:

If you are not comfortable with putting your knives on the line and sharpening them yourself then go ahead and ship them to Cutco and they will sharpen the knives for you at the expense of you covering the small shipping fee. This method is also recommended by professionals as it cannot mess up your blade edge and they will send your knives back to you in perfect condition.  If you have a few dollars to spare and are not comfortable with your ability to sharpen knives then go ahead and Contact one of Cutco’s employees here and they will guide you. Here is a video that will help you more on the topic of sharpening Cutco knives:


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