Cutco Vs Wusthof 【Differences Explained 2022】

We hope you will agree with us when we say:

 If you’re going to be purchasing a knife, you might as well go for one that will last for many coming years. 

If you’re on this article, you might be looking for an American or German knife brand that provides you the best value for your money. In this article, we will be thoroughly going through everything you will need to know about both Cutco and Wusthof and comparing both the industrial giants including all their product lines. Both the brands compete for head to head in their sales while they are completely different when it comes to their characteristics. So without any further ado, let’s get right into the Wusthof vs Cutco debate.

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Cutco vs Wusthof in 2022:

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Things to consider before purchasing:

There are a dozen of factors that need to be accounted for when buying a new knife that will cost you money. This is why, to remain on the safe side, you will need to look out for some important elements. Here we have a list of some of those components:

  • Price: The first thing you should look at for a knife is the price of it. The more money you spend, the better the product will get. But be careful and do not overspend on a knife. Access your needs before acquiring a knife or knife set to save as much as possible.
  • Blade: The knife you purchase should certainly be sharp. But what most people fail to account for is the durability or the stability of the knife. Make sure that the knife you are going to purchase is durable. This can be checked from the material of the product. Be sure to check if the knife has a full tang or not. This will ensure that your knife is as stable as it gets.
  • Warranty: The warranty needs to be checked before the knife is acquired. Most big industrial brands like Cutco and Wusthof have a limited lifetime warranty so there is no need to worry about any defects or imperfections in your blade.

Cutco Vs Wusthof Comparison Table:

We have compiled a list of all the factors possessed by Cutco and Wusthof knives and knife sets and made a comparison table for you to take a look at:

Biggest Selling Point Premium Quality & PerformanceAmerican-made
Used By ProfessionalsYesUsed By Some
Construction MethodStampedForged
Block Sets AvailabilityYesYes
Edge Sharpened14 degrees per side15 degrees per side

Blade Design and Quality:

When it comes to the blade of the knife, Cutco follows a simple rule: If it is not broken do not fix it. This is why, most of their lines use high-quality stainless steel that has been cut from multiple sheets, heat-treated, and treated with a protective coating. This coating makes the knife non-stick and protects it against any scratches. The edge of the blade itself has been sharpened to a clean 15 agree edge per side (30 altogether). This is an above-average sharpness when it comes to knives and is optimum for any professional or newbie unless you work as a sous chef.

They mainly have three blade styles that are followed in all of their lines. These are called the Double-D Edge, Straight Edge, and Santoku knife styles. All of their blades are stamped which means they are not made from a single piece of steel. This generally means that the knife will not be as sturdy or stable as compared to a forged blade made by Wusthof.

Check out the Wusthof Epicure knife by clicking the image above

While Wusthof also has some of the characteristics included in Cutco, they do differ in some ways. Wusthof has a slightly sharper edge than that of Cutco. Their knives come in at a whopping 14-degree edge angle. This makes them sharper than Cutco; However, it does come with a drawback. Sharper knives are generally more fragile than dull ones. This is because a sharper edge means a much thinner blad which makes it more likely to chip. To counter this problem, Wusthof have crafted their knives from high-carbon, rust-resistant stainless steel which includes a mixture of molybdenum, and chromium to provide it with durability.

This is one of the reasons Wusthof is viewed with such high regard. When it comes to the blade, Wusthof definitely takes the cake.

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Handle Design and Quality:

Coming to the handles of each company, Cutco only offers one style in these. They prefer their customers to be fans of the classy western style of blades. Their handles are crafted and molded from an engineered thermal resin which makes them moisture resistant and protects against fatigue. They excellently design their blade in order for the user to be able to wield the blade for a long period of time. Furthermore, the knife handles are then connected to the full tang of the blade through the three nickel silver rivets. This provides the knife with extreme durability and stableness. Their handles are comfortable as well as extremely well built.

Wusthof has handles made out of various materials depending upon the product line. Their handles are mostly made out of the elements known as Polyoxymethylene and Polypropylene with Epicure and Ikon lines being an exception. These elements provide the knives with a tighter molecular structure that makes the knife immensely more durable than any other. The materials used also provide the knife with a protective layer that does not discolor the knife if used for many years to come. Meaning the knife will never truly lose its beauty.

Product Lines:

Wusthof has a total of five product lines when it comes to their knives. Cutco has dozens of them. We have included a list of all the product options from both brands with a link to their most loved product for you to check out.

Wusthof Product Lines:

Product LineBlade MaterialPrice
Wusthof ClassicHigh-Carbon, Stainless Steel
Wusthof EpicureHigh-Carbon, Stainless Steel
Wusthof Classic IkonHigh-Carbon, Stainless Steel
Wusthof Grand Prix IIHigh-Carbon, Stainless Steel
Wusthof CrafterHigh-Carbon, Stainless Steel

Cutco Product Lines:

Product LineBlade MaterialHandle MaterialRockwell HardnessEdge AngledPrice
Cutco ClassicHigh Carbon Stainless SteelPlastic, Resin5915
Cutco GourmetHigh-Carbon, Stainless SteelPlastic, Resin5715
Cutco PearlStainless SteelPlastic5615
Cutco Knife SetStainless SteelPlastic5715

Care of Cutco vs Wusthof knives:

Care for both the knives completely differ from one and another.

While Cutco knives are dishwasher safe, it is recommended on their website to hand wash the knife in order for them to last a long time. Putting your knife in the dishwasher will not cause any harm to the knife itself, but it can damage the dishwasher or other items in the dishwasher. Moreover, the shine of your blade and the coating on it can be affected by tossing them in the dishwasher. The water minerals and the detergent can cause scratches to appear on the blade itself.

Wusthof completely disagrees with putting your knives in the dishwasher. They strongly recommend that you do not put the knife in the dishwasher and hand wash it instead. This is because the knife can be damaged by the dishwasher itself or can cause harm to the items inside. Wusthof also strongly recommends that you go ahead and dry off the knife immediately after hand washing it.

Click the image above to check out the Cutco 19 Piece Knife Set

Wusthof Knives Review:

With almost 5 out of 5 stars on every product they have on Amazon, it is clear that Wusthof is loved by everyone worldwide. Professional chefs like Gordon Ramsey and Bobby Flay have also been spotted on multiple occasions wielding a Wusthof blade. From our experience, Wusthof is by far one of the if not the perfect knife brands for anyone looking to expand their knife collection. They have the unique capabilities required by knife manufacturers as well as the ability to craft near-perfect knives. Wusthof is truly a german chef knife master and has secured its place in the top german knife brands list.

✅ German quality blades❌ Premium pricing
✅ Bolsters provides safety to the user❌ Can not be put in the dishwasher
✅ Used by many professionals
✅ Feels well balanced in hand
✅ Forged construction provides stability
✅ 14 degrees per side edge

Cutco Knives Review:

When it comes to knives, Cutco does not like to stay far behind. They have perfected the art of craftsmanship and work towards their goal of guaranteeing a forever-lasting knife. They have a rating of 4.6 stars on Amazon with almost all their customers happy with their products. Furthermore, they also apply a vector marking strategy to sell their knives (Door door demonstrations) and everyone who has bought their knives through it has also been satisfied with the knife or set. From our personal experience. We have noted that many products by Cutco follow the same western style look and some of the best products by them include the Cutco steak knives and the Cutco paring knife set. These stood out the most out of their collections in our opinion and were a lot of fun to cook with.

✅ Made in USA❌ Premium pricing
✅ Innovative recessed design❌ Stamped blades
✅ Ergonomic handles
✅ Dishwasher safe
✅ Extremely Comfortable handles
✅ High-carbon stainless steel blades

The Bottom Line – Cutco Vs Wusthof:

So when it comes to the largest knife companies in the world, which one is better? That answer can only be answered by you. You should go ahead and access your needs before purchasing any of the knives from both the brands mentioned in this article. If you prefer comfortability or are new to the cooking scene, Cutco might be more suitable for you. However, if you want to go for a sharper edge that gives you more durability or if you are a seasoned veteran in the art of cooking and want to try something unique and new out, you should consider Wusthof instead. Personally, we prefer the Wusthof brand simply because of the durability and safety it provides with its innovative designs.

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