50+ Types of Food Starting With D

You’ll agree with me when I say:

 Expanding your knowledge is fun and learning about different foods starting with different letter makes it even better 

Learning about new foods and how they taste is not only interesting but is a great way to explore your cooking desires. Being interested in new food starting with D isn’t only healthy for your mental health but it also enhances your knowledge about the food you’re consuming.

You might be finding it troublesome to think of any foods that start with D or might just be wondering “what food starts with D“. Worry no more though, as this list was compiled solely to expand your field of knowledge on these “D foods”. I have also put the foods that start with the letter D into different categories i.e: Vegetables starting with D, fruits that start with D, and drinks starting with D for your convenience. I have also included a “conclusion” part at the end to help you out.

Alright so without any further ado here are the:

Food Starting With D:

D FoodsNumber of items
Food Starting With D21/54
Drinks that start with D10/54
Fruits that start with D13/54
Vegetable that starts with D5/54
Dessert that start with D5/54


Typically referred to as Venison, deer meat is much like beef or pork, categorized into specific cuts, including roast and ribs.

2.Dall Sheep

The Dall sheep, commonly known as the thinhorn sheep have a meat-like no other because these sheep are very difficult and hard to hunt, most people don’t even try. They are wild sheep native to and living in North America.

The meat of these mystical creatures is extremely chewy and has a gamey flavor, unlike any other sheep. This species is huge in size and all parts of their body can be eaten as long as it is made the correct way.

3.Devilled Eggs

Deviled eggs or devilled eggs, commonly known as “stuffed eggs” are hard-boiled eggs that have been shelled, cut in half, and have their yolk mixed with mayonnaise, pepper, vinegar, salt, and mustard. With a little paprika sprinkled on top to make them the treatment that they are.

A favorite in our list of foods that begin with D.


This food is a confection that is nougat-like and made with egg whites, sugar, and sometimes corn syrup. Some people also like to add other ingredients to these such as chopped nuts and dried fruit which in turn further enhances the taste of this dish.

In some cultures, the sugar in this food is replaced by brown sugar instead, hence making this food’s name “seafoam”, which doesn’t qualify in this list of food starting with D.


Dumplings, made from a variety of starch sources consist of pieces of dough. This doughy product can be filled with anything ranging from meat and fish to cheese.

They have bright, white skin which is soft, smooth, and elastic. Although, these properties are highly affected by the quality of the flour you use.


The Drumstick tree or Moringa is a fast-growing tree of the family Moringaceae. These are typically found in the Indian subcontinent and are completely edible. their height can reach heights of  6 to 17 inches long. They are pretty soft and normally have bumps that run down them which reveal the seed nodes.


Made from combining the seeds of the drumstick tree and chicken, this tasty food. The drumstick consists of the drumstick and patell.

8.Deli sandwiches

Featuring delicious meats such as slices of turkey and cuts pastrami, these sandwiches are quick to prepare, easy to eat, and have a variety of flavors and a dozen ways to prepare them. whether u want to add any vegetables to this dish is completely your choice.

9.Dijon Mustard

A tangy strong and sharp spicy flavor is all part of this dish called the Dijon mustard, Dijon is creamier than regular yellow mustard and contains less vinegar resulting in low acidic levels. Although it is spicier than regular mustard because it’s made with black mustard seeds rather than the white and yellow seeds typically used in mustard.


Duck meat is a great source of iron for people with iron deficiency. it’s greasy but very rich meat and texture make it a great hunt for the hunter’s community. The best part of duck meat is the breast as it can be cooked in a variety of ways such as steaks and much more.

Although ducks are relatively common to eat in North America, it’s even more popular in Chinese cuisine. They enjoy the duck species called the Pekin Duck as a gourmet meal.


These species come in two forms and are commonly found in the European region. They’re shiny, savory, and contain no bones. Making them a favorite for most people in this list of items that start with D as they are safe to prepare and eat in large quantities.

A dish made out of this dogfish is: Fish and chips dish (popular in Europe)


You might’ve seen this fish in the popular cartoon movie called “Finding Nemo”. But what you might not know is that this fish is commercially fished across the world because of its tender and light taste. The white-colored fish has can be cooked in various ways and has a flaky texture, making it a favorite for many in the “D foods” list.

Another specialty this fish provides is how it melts like butter in your mouth. This fish doesn’t smell a lot and does not have an overpowering taste or aroma.


Since we’re on the fish topic, here’s another commercially edible fish. Known as a dolphin, these creatures are blue in color and many people have a very controversial take on the consumption of their meat. The whaling industry has fished so many of these dolphins that they are very close to extinction. Dolphin meat has a very red color which almost appears to be black when looked at closely. Their meat is also very dense and extremely chewy as it has lived underwater.


While you might not have considered eating these little birds which are often seen as a love symbol bird. They are very popular to eat in Europe and some parts of the US.

These birds are so commonly eaten because of how fast they reproduce, they are often compared to rabbits because of their fast reproduction. These birds are considered pretty sustainable in the hunting communities because of their reproductive traits. As far as their meat goes, it has a gamey flavor and tastes like ducks but much less greasy.


Dulce which is also known as dillisk or disk is food grown on the coasts of both the Atlantic and Pacific oceans. It is also pretty commonly known as a good snack food in those areas. Dulse has a mildly salty yet savory flavor mixed with a bit of the taste of the ocean. It has an umami aroma and some even compare the taste to bacon.


This food is mostly used in Japanese cuisine is made from dried sardines, shiitake mushrooms, shrimp, scallops, and beans.

17.Dwarf Banana Tree

Unlike most banana trees that can only be grown in tropical areas, you can grow this tree in your own backyard and enjoy the fruit!

Dwarf banana trees can be grown outdoors and in a warm climate BUT still, need to be kept indoors in the winter seasons. After all, they are the descendants of normal banana trees. A tree that’s grown healthy can start providing fruit as soon as two years.

18.Dwarf Nasturtium

Since we are on the topic of dwarf plants, this plant not only provides flowers that are beautiful and pretty but also provides you with edible and highly nutritious flowers. That’s right! all of the flowers that grow on this plant are edible and make a delicious salad.

19.Domsiah Rice

This Domsiah Rice dish is part of Iranian cuisine and has a black dot on the end of each grain.

Mostly served on a side of a meat dish, Its rich flavor and its aroma are out of this world. 

20.Durum Wheat

Second, only to whole wheat, this is one of the most consumed types of wheat in the world, mainly because of its usage in the pasta making industry.

It’s grown in the dry fields along the Mediterranean sea which connects to the Atlantic Ocean. It’s also used to make cereals and other types of flour-based products.


Dabberlocks is edible seaweed also known as badderlocks or winged kelp. it is consistently cooked and eaten fresh in the northern Atlantic Ocean including Greenland, Scotland, Iceland, and Ireland.

The taste of badderlocks is slightly salty and mildly nutty.

Drinks that start with D:

22.Diet Coke

this beverage made by the Coca-cola company is completely sugar-free and has no calories. Unlike regular coke, there is no sugar used in this drink and it instead contains artificial sweeteners.

23.Darjeeling tea

Darjeeling tea is made in west Bengal in India from Camellia sinensis var. What makes this tea special is the ways of processing its leaves. Which results in black, white, green, or oolong tea.

It’s a tea that’s enjoyed by kids and adults alike on its own without the addition of milk or any other beverages.

24.Dr. Pepper

Dr. Pepper is a carbonated soft drink made in the 1800s by a pharmacist named Charles Brach. Dr. Pepper has a unique flavor that kept it from being a “cola product” in the federal court. Hence it is made special for the drinks starting with D

25.Damson wine

Made from the Damson plums grown on Damson trees. This beverage is unique because it’s made from a plum that has high levels of tannin and tartness due to its acidity. However, this characteristic is what makes this tree the best to make wine from.

26.Deep Blue

This Deep Blue Sea Cocktail is best for vacations. It is made from a bright blue curacao and vodka drink recipe that tastes like the happy memories of islands and the beach mixed!

27.Downhome Punch

Originally discovered centuries ago, Jack Daniel’s Downhome Punch has a sweet and sour mixture brewed together with peach, orange, and cherry flavor. This is a countryside cocktail that infuses the beloved taste of Jack Daniel’s whiskey classically.

28.Dominican Goddess

This alcoholic beverage is another cocktail made by mixing all Gold rum, Grapefruit Juice and Lemon-lime Soda together to make a very sour flavor filling the sour craving inside you.


This is a bottled water company whose parent company is Coca-cola itself and it is widely sold from the US to Asia, all across the world.


Diva Raspberry is a red liqueur, it’s light on the tongue, and possesses a full-on raspberry and blackberry flavor.


31.Dom Perignon

Dom Pérignon, full name Dom Pierre Pérignon, was a monk in the 17th century. He believed that if you work hard, it brings you closer to god. Hence he started to work on ‘the best wine in the world’ and came up with this amazing drink that starts with D.

This drink is a symbol of luxury. What’s so special about this drink is that it is never products in weak years and all the grapes that are used for its making are always harvested in the same year.

Fruits that start with D:

32.Dead Man’s Fingers

Cool name right? Well, it’s not the only impressive trait of this fruit. Dead Man’s Fingers is not only extremely appetizing but when it’s cut with a knife, the pulp inside it is very delicate and light on the tongue.

This blue bean fruit grows on a small tree mostly in eastern Asia. Most people grow them for their beauty but it’s very edible and has a very delightful smell and taste.


native to the middle east, dates are grown on top of palm trees in large clusters. These little cylindrical fruits are a thrill to eat.

34.Dried Fruit

Dried fruits have been a tradition in many countries for centuries. Made by removing the water from the fruit either by natural methods or by dehydrators and dryers. these are pretty yummy to eat and have many flavors, therefore, qualifying them for our fruits that start with D.


Damson is a plum fruit that’s grown on the Damson tree. these trees grow in Europe and Britain and although they can be eaten raw, a popular wine is made out of them called the Damson wine.

Expect for wine, damsons are most popular in cooking, principally for making jams and other such preserves.


Detar is a not-so-known fruit grown in West Africa. it is also known as sweet detar as it tastes very sour and sweet at the same time. The fruits are dark green colored and have many fibers. They also have long lives and a high amount of nutrition hence making it in the food that starts with the letter D list.

37.Darwin’s Barberry

Discovered by Darwin, during one of his trips to South America these berries were named after him in his honor. These are not commercially sold as they’re extremely acidic and not harvested for consumption purposes.

These barberry bushes are now instead used as a hedging shrub as the berries are still edible.


Another popular berry type is Dewberries. They are a species similar to section Rubus and closely related to blackberries and raspberries. This is a wild plant that grows wild all across most of North America.

They are a shade of purple to black and taste a lot like its brother blackberries except just a tad bit more tart.

39.Davidson’s Plum

The fruit from Davidson’s Plum is considered to be acidic and toxic, hence it is widely used in Australia to make jam, wine, and other preserves

These trees, however, are now considered endangered but are still used for their fruit which provides good Vitamin C, D, and other minerals as well. Making it extremely beneficial to cook with.


A fruit also known as Diospyros lotus comes from China and Europe because it is winter hardy, this fruit is small in size. The English name of this fruit comes from the taste of this desired fruit, which tastes like both dates and plums.

41.Doub Palm Fruit

This Doub Palm Fruit is also known as Palmyra fruit grows in clusters that are covered by a black outer husk on top of a double palm tree. These doub palm trees are native to Southeast Asia. Inside these clusters are seeds that are jelly-like and shaped like kernels. These seeds taste like lychee and don’t have a very overpowering taste or aroma.

The sap of this tree is also commonly used to make alcoholic beverages named toddy and the pulp of this tree is also edible which is very sweet and nutritious in taste.


Dill is an herb, serving as a seasoning. Its taste is very similar to celery and parsley as they are very closely related. It has a fresh, grassy, and sweet flavor. The seeds of this dill herb are used as a spice. Most people add this herb to their salads or eggs.

43.Dragon Fruit

The fruit that looks like it’s from heaven. This dragon fruit is identified by its bright purple skin which has little green spikes on them. What you might not know about this food is that it is actually considered part of the cactus family.

The flavor is actually sweet but mild with a subtle hint of tropical. This fruit is excessively juicy, so it is extremely common to use in tropical juices and beverages, not just for its flavor but for the extravagant color as well.

44.Durian Fruit

Durian fruit tastes like a mix of flavors. Some say it tastes almonds while others say it tastes like caramel.

But one thing people hate about this fruit however is its unpleasantly strong smell and aroma. Its scent is so bad that it has been banned from being eaten in public places in some parts of the world. People compare its smell to worn socks or cheese that has been molded.

Vegetable that starts with D:


Daikon is a white-colored winter radish type of vegetable grown in specifically Asia. It has a long, white, napiform root and can grow to around 6 feet long and is completely edible, both raw and cooked. Daikon’s scientific can is also called “edible wings”. It is also a staple food in countries such as Greenland and Japan.

Its taste is like that of a red radish while its shape is usually like a carrot.

46. Dilled Potatoes

Oven Roasted Dill Potatoes is basically a twist on the basic oven potato but in a good way. Evenly cut baby gold potatoes which are half lengthwise are all tasty, tangy, and crispy.


Dasheen is a tropical plant much like a potato that has edible roots and greens. It is mostly eaten in Africa or the South Asia part of the world.

The vegetable from this plant is usually baked or boiled before eating. But some people like to eat it raw, so to remove its toxicity, they leave it soaking in water overnight on their mats.


The daylily is another edible flower that is not what its name day “lily” suggests. It is not a lily but resembles it and looks pretty similar due to its light yellow color.

Although their bulbs are not edible, the flowers taste extremely good and are popular in Chinese cuisine.

They are known as the “yellow flower vegetables” in markets hence they are in the vegetable section on this list of the food begins with D.

49.Dragon Tongue Beans

A horticultural type bush bean, which is one of the best multi-purpose beans on the market. it’s used as both a fresh snap bean as well as a shelled bean with its matures. This bean can be eaten as a snap pea or cooked like a green bean. It is a very enriched side dish for pork or chicken.

Dessert that start with D:


Everyone knows about this round-leavened fried dough, a sweet snack with a hole in the middle made in various flavors such as Chocolate, Vanilla, and Strawberry.

51.Danish Pastry

Brought to Denmark by Austrian bakers, this sweet is a laminated sweet pastry and a Danish specialty.

52.Date Cake

Made from dates, this cake is a delight in the Arabian cuisine which is mostly eaten in the Holy month of Ramadan.

53.Date Cookies

The softest of dates and dough that are used to make these sweet and savory cookies are all rich, buttery, and chewy. These cookies never disappoint in the form of taste.

54.Desert Yam

The desert yam or bush potato are roots of the Ipomoea costata plant. They are a staple food for the aboriginal people in the Australian region and are usually harvested after a big rain. They tend to taste fairly sweet, but they’re not particularly sugary in any way.

Although these can be grown in any season all around the year, they are considered endangered now as not many people tend to grow them.


There you go! There are the 54 foods that begin with D. Although this is quite a long list, we couldn’t include every food beginning with the letter D in it. Now that you know about all these foods go ahead and try making one or two of them yourself. Over a hundred food items are starting with D but I’ve tried to include some of the popular herbs, drinks, vegetables, desserts, snacks, and fruits that start with D. This list of Food Starting With D can also benefit you by giving you ideas of what to and what not to put in your cooking to further enhance the flavor of the dish.

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