30 Foods That Start With X

I hope you agree with me when I say:

 Foods that Start with X are hard to find. 

And if you’re wondering if there are any, well the answer is yes! There are plenty of foods starting with X. They’re just really hard to find because of how unknown most of the dishes are. If you’re just looking to expand your knowledge, this article should do you good.

In this foods that start with X article, I will be mentioning and describing 30 “X foods”. If this post does not satisfy your urge to learn, you can check out our list of “Food starting with D“.

Before we begin, it’s essential that you keep in mind that these items that start with X are will include everything like drinks, fruits, desserts, and even vegetables starting with X.

With that being said, let’s get right into the list of foods that start With X.

Foods That Start With X in 2022:


To start off the list of food that begins with X, we have Xanthan gum. Derived from the fermentation of corn sugar, this food item is usually used to thicken, stabilize or amplify food to keep the ingredients from separating.

Xanthan gum is also used as a replacement for gluten to add volume to gluten-free meals and foods.


Another item that starts with x is Xavier soup. Named after the Roman Catholic missionary Francis Xavier, this soap is a favorite in many Italian cuisines.

It is normally served within Italy on the feast day of St. Francis Xavier in early December every year.


Xigua is watermelon in Mandarian. The recipe was adapted from there as well.

Made with a mix of watermelon, cucumber, onion, bell pepper, and basil, this salsa dish is served with tortilla or pita chips with honey and lemon juice as the coating for the cherry on top.


This is a fish that is usually only found eaten near Spain. A well-deserved spot in the x foods.

It has a sardine-like shape which the locals enjoy to the bone. A must-have if you visit Spain.


Xacuti is also one of the dishes on this list of food starting with X.

A dish found in Goa, India. It is made with chilies, chicken, potatoes, different masalas, and poppy seeds as well as a lot of other spices.

If you’ve ever visited India, you might have seen some food vendors selling this dish on the street.


A Chinese shrimp is called Xia. They make and prepare it just like shrimp all around the world.


A dish from Cantonese cuisine is very rare to see. But this XO sauce is one of their specialty and very popular in their region.

It is an extremely spicy sauce in Hong Kong with an umami flavor.

It is also enjoyed in Chinese cuisine and regions such as Guangdong.


Speaking of China, another most loved food that begins with x is the Chinese soup called Xidoufen. 

It is popular in Yunnan and made with various vegetables including peas, garlic, ginger, coriander, Sichuan pepper oil, spring onion, and dry chili flakes.


Who does not enjoy some cookies and cake on Christmas? These are cookies and cakes usually made in December to celebrate Xmas.

Xmas is a traditional holiday in the USA celebrated by almost all the people living there.


A very hard to spell name, but the dish is delicious nonetheless. Xampinyons En Salsa Mushrooms is a mushroom in sauce recipe made from you guessed it! Mushrooms.

It is made from small mushrooms cut into pieces to reduce calories. It can almost count as a drink that starts with x.


This food fits right into desserts that start with X. A popular sweet dish that is found within multiple dessert menus in Beijing.

The dish is simple and sweet mostly made with only almond milk and sugar.


Named after a Spanish priest, This is one of the few fruits that start with x that grows on trees. It grows on a small tree with very thin branches and is part of the Olacaceae family. 

This type of fruit is native to many tropical regions and countries.

This fuit is really tough to cut. But I’m sure you can do it with Schmidt Brothers knives.


The word for vanilla in Chinese is Xiangcaojing. If you’re ever looking for vanilla extract within China, make sure to remember this word.

This can definitely come in handy for people who do not currently speak Chinese.


In Shanghai, China, there is a dish called the xiao long bao dumplings.

Xiao Long Bao literally just means small basket buns in Chinese.

These dumplings were inspired by Baozi (包子) and Jiaozi (饺子) as they have the shape of Baozi while using non-leavened wrappers just like Jiaozi.


A complex but interesting cocktail. This drink that starts with X is mixed up with a dozen ingredients including 2 cups Hot Black Tea, 1 cup Honey, 1000 ml Amber Rum and much more. 

It’s definitely an intriguing yet Brady rum with a red wine punch.

Rum punch with ice and cherry


Xylitol is a sugar substance that can be extracted from plants such as birch bark, berries, and corn husks.

Although Xylitol has fewer calories than sugar, it still takes much more time for the human body to absorb it than your regular sugar.


Xanthia is also a drink that starts with X. This is a type of cocktail made from Gin, ice, cherry brandy, and chartreuse.

The locals enjoy this drink to their fullest and chances are, it is also available at your local bar.


If you’re Mexican or live near the border, you might have already heard about this dish. It is a low-calorie salad mostly eaten in Mexico.

If you are having trouble pronouncing it, here is how you do it “SHNEE-pek”

The food is cut into small pieces using Yatoshi knives.


Xinomavro grapes are the principal red wine grapes. Chances are, if you have read anything relating to winemaking, you have probably come across this name at least once.

Xinomavro grapes are only one of the many grapes typically used while making quality wine. They are found within Macedonia. A must add in the food that begins with x list.


A blend of New York strip with swiss cheese is what makes this steak unique.

It’s a meal starting with X that has three primary components. Cooked or canned asparagus, a steak, and Swiss cheese.


Another one of the popular drinks starting with X is the Xocolati. It is a beverage formed from cacao which in the late years, came to be known as chocolate.

The Mayans originally made this item that starts with x centuries ago.


A dessert that starts with x is rare to see. This watermelon-based food is found in Beijing cuisine.

It has a bright red color that resembles that of jelly. Some have also called this dish a “Chilled watermelon soup”


In Vietnam, sticky rice is known as Xoi. The rice is typically consumed by the locals as breakfast and is very light with great umami flavor.

This food can be considered as a snack that starts with x because you can eat it with peanut and sesame, black bean, chicken, and egg.


In central Mexico, this fruit grows on cacti and is part of the prickly pear cactus species.

It has a pinkish color when it is ripened and a large seed inside of it.


Xia Mi, when translated from Chinese means “rice shrimp”. Despite what the name says, this dish actually does not contain any rice. It is all made from very small, dehydrated shrimp.

Then this shrimp is added to other Chinese dishes to enhance the umami flavor in the newly made dish.


Xocolatl is Mexican hot chocolate. it is originally made in bean-to-bar in Atlanta and has some amazing traits such as soy-free, gluten-free, and vegan. 

This is one of the tastiest foods that start with X. While it originated within Mexico, it has now moved to the USA and is known as a delicious drink that starts with x. A mix of sweet cocoa, chili powder, and cinnamon are used to craft the drink into the beast it is.


A swordfish in Greek is known as Xiphias. If you ever visit Greece make sure to try out this tender yet sought-after fish.

It is ordinarily cooked in olive oil and served with some freshly squeezed lemon. The taste is extraordinary.

28-Xigua Popsicles

To prepare this dish an African watermelon is frozen after being cut up into pieces and made into popsicles. It is an X food that kids in Africa love and enjoy all year round.

The shape of these popsicles are usually triangle in shape and taste just like a watermelon but better!

29-Xylocarp Cupcakes

You can give your cupcakes a twist by adding Xylocarp to them. This is a fruit that is from the family of coconuts.

This dish makes for a lovely sweat and the fruit is one of the best fruits that start with x.


As you may already know, China is absolutely filled with treats that start with X. And Xiaodianxin is one of them. Normally, this ingredient is added to make butter cookies and such and is native to only China.

Kids love the delightful flavor that this ingredient provides to their food.


To end this list, I would like to say, if you are going to make some of these dishes for yourself, make sure to check out their recipes. They all are amazing foods that definitely every age can enjoy. There is nothing wrong with learning a little more every day and I hope this article of different foods starting with X really helped you out. Finding food that starts with different letters is harder. And it’s even harder with X! It’s such a unique letter that even some professional chefs cannot name any foods that start with X. I wish you luck in your journey of finding more X foods.

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