Lamson Knives Review – Is It for You?

I hope you agree with me when I say:

 The secret to the perfect meal is always a sharp knife. 


It is typically a difficult and time-consuming task to pick out kitchen knives. You only have one chance to do it right and you cannot mess it up. For this reason, I compiled a buying guide and a Lamson knives review to help you choose the best kitchen knives made in the USA.

Considering Lamson knives’ outstanding models, a credible knife’s set might be a perfect choice if you are seeking a credible knife’s set that will last a lifetime.

In this buying guide, you will learn what features Lamson knives have to offer that will fulfill all your kitchen’s needs. If you are fed up with cheap knives and want an end to buying cutlery sets that break every month, this article is especially for you.

Lamson knives are made for longevity and use only high-quality materials, so if you are looking for a one-and-done deal choose one of these knives.

Additionally, I have included a F.A.Q to help you better decide on what knife you would like to own and carry with you for a long time.

Lamson Knives Review 2022

Lamson knife typesRatingPrice
Lamson chef knife10/10 (Editor's Choice)
Lamson Paring Knife8/10
Lamson Santoku Knife9/10
Lamson Offset Bread Knife7/10
Lamson Meat Cleaver8/10
Lamson Ulu Knife9/10

Overview on Lamson knives:

Handcrafted by American artisans, Lamson cutlery, kitchen tools, and trade tools are still available for purchase from the company after 150+ years. Its history dates back to 1837 when Lamson began its annual manufacture of tableware in Shelburne Falls, Massachusetts.

It has been the choice of gourmet cooks as well as presidents of the United States for the past 179 years because of its high standard of craftsmanship. This special brand of knives is among the best in the USA, and it is more affordable than some others in the elite class. 

Strength of the blade:

Regardless if you want to use the Lamson knives for cutting, slicing, or using them a bit roughly, Lamson knives do not break or dull no matter how much force is applied to them. German steel is used to create the blade, which is comparable in quality to steel from Wusthof and Henckels (other giants in the cutlery industry).

Lamson chef knife blades are nothing to mess With because of how robust they are. These knives cut through cakes and frozen cheese effortlessly with no chipping or cracking. I have used these knives for years, and the blades haven’t chipped or broken off yet hence I wrote this Lamson knives review.

Beauty and versatility of the handle:

Lamson has forged chef knife handles and other product handles made from the material called G-10 and POM. They are made in a contemporary way with a beautiful handle. The material known as Polyoxymethylene is a high-strength, self-restraint, and excellent wear resistance material, used in the manufacture of many products.

Aside from not retaining moisture, it holds its shape well, making it the ideal material for the manufacturing of knives and other cutlery handles.

Glass fiber and epoxy resin are used to make G-10, which is used in electrical and mechanical device applications. This amazing material is formed using high pressure and temperature to produce a very strong, highly resistant, and resists moisture, which is why it has the deepest shine when polished, making the knife even more shiny and soft to the eye. In addition to being beautiful, the handles are perfect for many kitchen cooking environments.

Types of Lamson knives:

Having done a Lamson knives review, I have included a description of the types of Lamson knives currently available on Amazon as well as all their benefits and disadvantages.

1: Lamson chef knife

lamson chef knife check priceWhy We Love It:

  • Stainless Steel
  • full tang
  • perfect balance


Pros Cons
✅ Convex-ground blades❌ Expensive
✅ Full tang


2: Lamson Paring Knife

Why We Love It:

  • Triple-riveted
  • Recessed bolster
  • Corrosion-resistant


Pros Cons
✅ Triple riveted resin infused handle❌ Small blade
✅ Stainless steel
✅ Recessed bolster


3: Lamson Santoku Knife

Why We Love It:

  • Optimal cutting angle blade
  • Pakkawood handle
  • Plain edge blade 


Pros Cons
✅ Japanese style❌ Can cut your hand easily if not careful
✅ Handmade in the USA❌ Not a smooth curve
✅ Ideal balance and weight

About santoku knives:

Though these knives are not restricted to Lamson but are Japanese style, the high-quality metal used in them is high-carbon stainless steel. Precision-forged to the perfect hardness by the classical hot-drop method.

4: Lamson Offset Bread Knife

Why We Love It:

  • Reasonable price
  • Comfortable thumb support
  • Curved bolster


Pros Cons
✅ Offset handle❌ Too light weight
✅ Serrated edge
✅ Durable acrylic handles


Featuring an offset handle that elevates and guides your hands from hitting the cutting board, this 7-inch beast has a serrated edge. This knife is part of the Fire Forged collection and combined with the serrated edge, will not break or crush bread at all. A polished blade and an excellent handle make this Lamson knife razor-sharp and worth your while.

5: Lamson Meat Cleaver

Why We Love It:

  • Stylish, traditional, and innovative
  • Riveted Walnut handles
  • Great value


Pros Cons
✅ Walnut handle❌ Not dishwasher safe
✅ Laser cut❌ Bad packaging
✅ Thick blade


6: Lamson Ulu Knife

Why We Love It:

  • Unique design
  • Riveted Walnut handles
  • Great value


Pros Cons
✅ Distinctive design❌ Comfortable but rough handle
✅ Versatile kitchen tool
✅ Holds its edge

Overview and versatility:


This Lamson knives review has covered most of the models and their features. It should help you pick which one you need in your kitchen. Lamson knives have been around for decades due to their credibility and great quality and will not leave the market as long as they have precious customers. If you found what you were looking for you can go ahead and buy it without any hassle or inconvenience.


Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Where are Lamson knives made?

Lamson cutlery is handcrafted by American workers in Shelburne Falls. Set up in the USA 150+ years ago, this cutlery brand has earned its credibility and reputation.

Q: Are Lamson Knives good?

Lamson knives have many varieties to choose from. They all have different blade types, handle types, and shapes. They are often made from stainless steel and G-10 materials and have decent quality and are in the elite class of cutlery. Sometimes even compared to Wusthof and Heinkels.

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