New York Strip vs Ribeye [Key Differences 2022]

grilled new york strip steak served with potatoes and asparagusWe hope you will agree with us when we say:

 A tough endeavor to encounter is distinguishing between two identical pieces of steak. 

Imagine this, you are over at a grocery store looking for the best meat to buy for yourself. That is when you look at the two similar pieces named Ribeye and Striploin (Also known as New York Strip). Now you wonder what the difference is and google it. If the case is similar for you, you have come to the right place. As below, we will be going over everything you will need to know about New York Strip vs Ribeye debate. We will be comparing the two and deciding upon which one is better under the respective field. To better help you get the best value for your dollar, we will go over the prices, differences, and answer your questions such as how to cook ribeye or New York strip steak.

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New York Strip vs Ribeye: Overview

Before getting started we must first look at what ribeye and New York strip steaks are. New York strip, which is also known as the Striploin in some parts of the world is a piece of meat found in the top sirloin of a cattle or cow. The Sirloin is a part of a cow that is located just behind the ribs. The New York strip is found exactly beside the ribs and is known to be extremely non-lean, tender, and juicy. A New York strip is boneless but can also be bought with the bone but in that case, its name is known as the Kansas City strip. The meat of this part comes from the strip of the animal hence the name. However, New York Strip is not as flavorful as the ribeye simply because of the bone found in ribeye that makes it extremely delicious.

Ribeye steak with arugula and tomatoes on dark wooden background.
Ribeye steak with arugula and tomatoes on a dark wooden cutting board.

The Ribeye on the other end is a cut that has been harvested from the rib section of a steer. It contains internal and deep marbling which makes it extra flavorful and so soft that the steak practically melts in your mouth if cooked right. You might find these steaks under the Delmonico steaks label. They are all about fat hence even if you accidentally overcook them, they will still remain juicy and tender.

The major difference found between the two is that the New York strip has less marbling or fat content within the meat. The NY Strip has a thick band that has fat running all the way through it on one side that is nonedible; The strip has this thick rim of fat instead of internal marbling like in ribeye. The thick rim is usually non-edible and is only good to add richness of flavor to the steak.

New York Strip vs Ribeye Comparison

Now that you have a better understanding of what both the steaks stand for, we are going to compare their similarities and differences. We are also going to be deciding on a winner for each of the categories after analyzing both the NY strip vs ribeye steaks to make it easier for you.

Before going any further, here is a comparison chart of all the factors you will need to account for when buying the best steak for the value in case you want to save some time. All of these components will be further explained and broken down below for your convenience.

CategoriesNew York StripRibeye


Of course one of the most important factors to look out for when comparing a steak is the taste of it. When it comes to Angus New York strip steak. it has a robust and overpowering taste because of the large rim of fat found on the side of the steak. This steak is also chewier than the ribeye as it has a closer texture and a more definite grain. This steak can also be bought with bone-in to further enhance its flavor.

The Ribeye cut is from the rib section of the steer which is a highly marbled cut. It has a smooth texture that can be felt when chewing on the steak. The extra marbling means there is additional fat that has been distributed throughout the meat; Which impacts the steak by providing it more of a savory and beefy kick. If cooked right, the Beauty steak (Another name for Ribeye) melts within your mouth. It is definitely a handful to handle on the grill, but the delicious aftermath is worth every minute.

Winner: Ribeye

ribeye steak served with asparagus, chilis and sauceVersatility

Both of the steaks contain extremely good taste but what dishes can actually be made from them? If you want to experiment with your beef, and do not know which one has more recipes, this is your section. That being said in this regard, Ribeye trails New York Strip by just a little. If you do not want to enjoy the meat on its own, it can be served with mashed potatoes, scrabble eggs, or even as a brunch meal with some fries. The Striploin also makes for a lovely ingredient in dishes like a Sicilian meat roll.

On the other end of the spectrum, Ribeye is a close competitor. It is best enjoyed on its own with some drinks but is also backed by dishes like beef tartare. It can be paired with sweet gorgonzola butter and some cooked asparagus.

Winner: New York Strip


If you are just looking for a grab-and-go type of meat, you will need to know the price of the item you are buying. It is essential to know the price before purchasing anything. For the New York strip, you can expect to pay anywhere from around $13 to 15$ per pound depending on how fresh and well cut the beef is. As for Ribeye steaks, they start at around $8 to $14 per pound. However, the imported Japanese Wagyu version of the same meat can cost around $170 to $240 dollars per pound.

Clearly, the cheaper option in the New York strip vs Ribeye debate is Ribeye if you do not plan on buying the imported version. But be considerate, as the more affordable steak is not necessarily the best.

Winner: Ribeye

Which One is Healthier?

If you are a health-conscious eater or just want to know how many calories you are consuming, a Strip steak has around 33 calories within 1 oz while the Ribeye has 83 calories per 1 oz meat. This is because the Ribeye has more marbling and fat content inside it while the same fat content is usually not eaten when it comes to the New York strip. If you want to eat healthily, go for the New York strip as it is definitely the less greasy one in the Ribeye vs New York strip discussion.

Winner: New York Strip

Cooking Methods For Ribeye And New York Strip:

The best cooking methods for Ribeye and New York strip steaks are quite similar but they require different types of care when cooking them. We have compiled two for each of the steaks down below for you to look at.

Ribeye Steak

Ribeye has more fat than the NY Strip. This means you will need to have one grill/stove on medium heat and one on the high side. If you prefer cooking on charcoal, make sure one side is hotter than the other. Now depending upon how you like your steaks cooked, sear the Ribeye on the hot side of the grill until it is brown in color from the outside. Now go ahead and move it to the other side or grill with medium heat and wait for it to finish cooking from the inside. It is recommended that you use a meat thermometer to check if the steak is done before taking it off the grill.

You can also reverse sear your Ribeye to try something unique out. One common mistake found when cooking steaks is that people often think they should sear their beef to “lock in” the juice inside a steak. So to reverse sear, just ignore this advice and cook your Ribeye using the reverse sear method. This method includes preheating your oven or grill to a nice and hot 275°F. Now pop your Ribeye steak, after seasoning it, onto your oven and monitor it closely with a meat thermometer. When the reading reaches around 90-95°F, take your hot steak and toss it onto the hottest part of the grill or onto a pan with a little butter and turn it side to side. This will cook the steak from outside and provide the perfect blend for a medium-rare.

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New York Strip Steak

When it comes to the Angus New York strip steak, it is perfectly cooked with hot and fast heat. It has a better taste and is easier to cook on a grill. This is because the NY Strip has less marbling than the Ribeye on the cut itself which makes it way less likely to drip fat content and cause flare-ups. Flare-ups can cause your steak to overcook and most importantly char which is never good for your health or the taste of the steak. To grill a New York strip steak, bring your grill up to a heat of 900°F. Place your steak on top of the hottest part of the grill plates and turn it side to side every thirty seconds to keep the temperature inside even throughout. Now use a meat thermometer to check if the steak is done to your preferred temperature and take it off.

Another method used by many individuals is the pan-fry method. In this procedure, you need to get your pan to a smoking hot temperature and set your steak nicely within it. Now bring your steak to around 135°F or 5°F below your preferred temperature. Slowly take off the steak from the pan onto a wire rack. You will observe that it will keep on rising in temperature even after it is taken off. After resting your meat on the wire rack for around a minute, go ahead and collect the juices that dripped down and pour them onto the pan you cooked your steak on. Heat them up and then pour the extract on top of the steak. This dish has been given the name of the “Fat Flash” by the Chief Culinary Advisor at Serious Eats.


After reading this in-depth guide, you should be able to differentiate between the New York Strip and Ribeye. You should also be able to tell which one suits your needs and requirements best based on their characteristics. If you want a steak that has a little less fat content and is a little chewier, you know to go for the beautiful and extremely tender New York Strip. While if you need a steak that is buttery with a smooth texture and rendered fat, you should choose Ribeye. Go ahead and experiment with both the steaks now and live your grilling dreams!

If you prefer to watch a YouTube video to settle the New York strip vs Ribeye steak dispute, you can check out this informative piece. This will tell you everything you need to look out for when purchasing steak with visuals:

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