Pampered Chef Knives Review 2022 【Buying Guide】

I hope you agree with me when I say:

 A kitchen without a sharp knife is not a kitchen at all. 

As a result, the search for the right kitchen knife can be very difficult and time-consuming. There are several reasons why it is challenging and time-consuming.  For starters, you have to take into account the quality of the cutlery, its durability, strength, and the amount of distrust that surrounds buying your cutlery online. For people who only want the convenience of having flexible and sharp cutlery that serves a purpose well, it can be a lot of trouble to make a selection, especially online, where there are hundreds of options to choose from. Chefs have used pampered chef knives for many decades. I decided to check out what the hype was about so I bought myself some of them and tried them for myself. That was why I decided to write my honest Pampered Chef knives review for anyone looking for one themselves.


Before reading the review, you should know about the price point of Pampered Chef knives. You can click the button below to check out all the products Pampered Chef offers:

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Pampered Chef Knives PROS AND CONS:

Here’s a pros and cons table to tell you about the Pampered chef knives:

Pros Cons
✅ High quality and carbon German steel used for manufacturing❌ Needs to be sharpened once or twice yearly
✅ Maintains its sharpness for a lifetime if taken good care of
✅ So sharp that it can slice through paper easily.
✅ Perfect length and grip for all ages and sizes

Things to consider before making a purchase:

There are numerous things you will need to consider when you are looking to buy a knife for yourself. This is why here I have created a list of things that will you will benefit from knowing. This contains some of the most important of those factors. So give this a read before buying into anything.

  • Durability: The durability of a knife is extremely important simply because it is what literally makes or breaks a knife. If the knife is not made out of sufficient material, it may snap or dull out. To avoid this, make sure the knife has durability before purchasing it. This will save you from ever having to buy a knife that will not last very long.
  • Stability: Make sure the knife you are going to be purchasing is stable enough to within high amounts of pressure without falling apart. How you can confirm this is by looking at the knife design. If the knife has a full-tang design, it will surely be stable. A full tang design is when a knife’s blade extends all the way to the butt end of the handle. This provides an immense amount of stability to the product. So preferably look for a knife that has a full-tang build. Your second-best option would be to go with the half-tang design.
  • Price: Obviously price is a big factor when looking for a knife, but what you might not have considered is that the cheapest is not always the best. So do not hesitate to spend just a tiny bit more in order to get the knife that will last you a long time. A knife is a one-time investment if done right. So spend enough money once so you do not have to hunt for another knife a couple of months later.

Product Options:

Although the prices of Pampered chef knives are comparatively low to brands Wusthof, Global, and Ganzo knives, you will still want to know about them before you make a purchase. If you’re willing to make an investment for your kitchen that will go a long way and save you a lot of money in the long run, you should consider buying knives from Pampered chef. Like in every other brand, prices may vary based on the exact knife or knife set you look at. But, to give you an idea of what you might be looking at, you can view the prices on Amazon by clicking the links below. Here’s a chart that will take you to the desired product:

Pampered Chef ProductsPampered Chef Prices
Chef's Knife
Paring Knife
Santoku Knife
Tomato Knife

Pampered Chef Knives Review 2022:

Pampered Chef has been around since the 1980s. Although they didn’t make cutlery back then, they still had pretty trusted and quality products. Their motto “Enriching lives, one meal and one memory at a time.” is perfect not just because it helps bring families together but also because they improve time in the kitchen for many people around the globe. Sine 1980, the Pampered chef has earned its name through the ranks and has become one of the best knife brands internationally.

They have introduced multiple types of knives in the lifespan of the company. From nylon knives to Santoku knives, they have it all. Pampered chef knives are well-balanced, extremely sharp, elegantly designed, and built to last.

Pampered Chef Chef’s knife

You can check out the Pampered Chef Chef’s knife here.

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How they’re made:

There are two types of kitchen knives in the cutlery industry right now – forged and stamped. The pampered chef knives are forged. For anyone wondering which one is better, forged knives are generally considered to be better simply because they are precision-forged from a single piece of metal. A forged blade also goes through the handle to the end, giving it a full tang which in turn provides extra strength and balance. Pampered chef forged cutlery also has a bolster at the very meeting point of the blade and the handle to stop your fingers from slipping onto the blade while cutting and chopping.

man sharpening pampered chef knife

Stamped knives however are laser-cut from a thin piece of steel that is almost similar to a cookie-cutter, which makes them easier to produce but at the cost of quality. The downside of this is that stamped knives have thinner and less durable blades compared to forged ones. Also, normally stamped knives don’t extend all the way through the handle, making them a half tang. Pampered has been using German steel- considered one of the best in the market- for years and has been crafting their knives from them. This means their knives are 40% stronger, 25% more durable, and made to last for a lifetime.

Anatomy of a Pampered chef knife:


The Pakkawood handle is ergonomic and gives you extra control and comfort while being extremely durable.


A specially designed bolster that evenly distributes all the weight and gives you extreme balance while wielding the knife.

Grip Guide

The Pampered chef logo you see at the start of the blade is not just a decorative logo, it’s an indicator and guide that shows you where you need to place your thumb or index finger while using the knife.


The best-in-class tempered blade of Pampered chef’s knife starts sharp and stays sharp, helping you make precise cuts for your delicious meals.

Full tang

Each knife in Pampered chef’s collection is beautifully crafted from a single piece of high-carbon, fully forged German steel which provides the blade with a fine full tang.

Pampered chef Santoku knife

You can check out the Pampered Chef Santoku knife here.


During their life span of more than 20 years, the Pampered chef company has figured out how to make exceptionally good knives- All of their lines are extremely elegant and work wonderfully within their sector of work. In terms of performance, here’s what you will get when you purchase these Pampered chef workhorses from this pampered chef knives review:


Right out of the factory, the Pampered chef knives are sharpened at a 17-degree angle which is exponentially sharp. Although this is not as sharp as other brands like Wusthof or Berghoff knives, I think a 17-degree angle is optimum for cutting and mincing. It gets the job done.

pampered chef knife set displayed on a table

I always like to perform a paper cutting test on new knives to test out their sharpness. Needless to say, it passed with a large margin. Sure, you might be able to find knives that are way sharper on the market, but unless you’re going to be working as a sushi chef, a 17-degree angle is optimal for everyone. Also, if a knife is too sharp, it can become brittle and can chip or break just as easily. These Pampered chef knives have the perfect base and balance. They are sharp enough to cut right through a piece of paper and strong enough to rip through bones, frozen foods, and other rock-hard foods.

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Edge retention

What good will a knife do you if it doesn’t even stay sharp for a long period of time. With knives, sharpness is everything. With the combination of the high-carbon German steel and their secretive manufacturing processes, the knife is made to be the best version of itself. This also gives the knife the top edge retention over many other competitors. Pampered chef knives only need to be sharpened almost once or twice a year. Only if you’re using them frequently though. But you do need to take good care of them.

Easy to clean

Speaking of taking good care of your knives, one of the best things you can do to maintain their sharpness and their durability and cleaning them after every use. Although most Pampered chef knives are not dishwasher safe, they are extremely easy to clean. Some Pampered chef knives are extremely volatile to the dishwasher and if the knives bang into other utensils while being in the dishwasher, it can prove fatal for your knives as they will get damaged. Also,  while it is very unlikely, extreme heat followed by an unholy amount of detergent can cause corrosion within your knife. While it is very unlikely, You simply need to use mildly warm water with a little bit of dish soap and dry them thoroughly- preferably with a soft kitchen towel. Based on my experience a quick wash followed by a wipe will do the trick. No need to waste any space in the dishwashing rack.

Complaints people have:

I promised to give you the full picture in this pampered chef knives review, so here it is. So far, I’ve just been going on about how the Pampered chef knives are perfect to use and will be the perfect style of knife for you. The fact is, these knives are pretty awesome and outperform many competitors. However, like everything else in the world, these knives have flaws too. So how about we switch it up and focus on some not-so-good things about the Pampered chef knives? Dissatisfied customers that leave pampered chef knife reviews are in the minority, but there are still some things they complain about such as:

They are heavy

It comes as no surprise that some people complain about how the forged series knives are heavy. I’ve also said multiple times that these knives are workhorses within this article. These knives are fully forged from a single piece of German steel. They have a thick blade, with a full/heavy bolster and a pretty solid handle with full tang. All of these things combined make these knives heavier, which makes the knives feel sturdy and significantly decreases the force needed to be applied downwards while you chop. However, if you are looking for a light-weight knife that won’t tire you while working, You should check out their color coated knife series

Check out the Pampered chef paring knife

You can check out the Pampered chef paring knife here.

The Edge Dulls Quickly

This one is kind of a head-scratcher. Although I’ve never experienced this, while looking through other reviews, it became clear to me that enough customers were complaining about the edge retention of the product that it is worth mentioning. Pampered knives are known amongst their customers for their sharp edge and long-lasting edge retention. Some buyers say the edge starts off sharp and then dulls very quickly. While others have mentioned that the knives are only worth buying if you get a knife sharpener to go with them. Since there is a very low amount of people who have this complaint, I think it happens because of misuse or not taking care of the knives. Pampered knives should be honed regularly and only sharpened once or twice a year to maintain their edge and long-lasting sharpness. This is pretty average. You’re not bound to find knives that can hold their edge without being regularly honed and sharpened yearly.


In this buying guide, I have shown you and told you about everything you need to know before buying a Pampered chef knife. Now if you’re ready to make an investment for the sake of your cooking then you must be ready to buy one of these knives. If you’re still not convinced, you can go ahead and read customer reviews on Amazon to help you be sure of your decision. So what are you waiting for? go ahead and improve your kitchen knife set by making this investment a priority.


Frequently asked questions:

Q: What is the Pampered chef knives warranty

Pampered chef products with the symbol (L) have a lifetime guarantee. This guarantee will cover all you need from repairs to replacements. However, it does not cover any misuse, abuse, or commercial use but rather defects in materials and workmanship. It is not possible to recover consequential or incidental damage under the warranty.

Q: How to sharpen Pampered chef knives: 

Here’s a video to help you sharpen your Pampered chef knives:

One thing this video doesn’t mention though is that you need to thoroughly wash your knives are sharpening them to get rid of any metal fragments and such left on the knife in the process.

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