Perkin Knives Review

Perkin knife with a sheath on a deckI hope you agree with me when I say:

 Survival knives are one of the most important items one needs to have when going out on an adventure 

That being said, going outside anywhere nowadays is a struggle because you don’t really know what’s out there. And if you want to buy a knife to keep yourself safe from harmful entities or for going hunting, camping, or anywhere near the forests or mountains, having a survival knife by your side will certainly be of help. To address this, I have put together a comprehensive Perkin knives review, a survival knife giant in the industry, which provides you with all of the pros and cons.  I will also display product options throughout the article for you to choose from.

Perkin Knives Pros And Cons

Pros Cons
✅ Extremely cheap prices❌ Doesn't have soft-touch handles
✅ Fully forged high carbon stainless steel blades
✅ Easy to clean with just one wipe
✅ Nice balance of durability and sharpness

Things to consider before buying:

There are a million factors that one needs to consider when looking for a hunting knife. This is why so many people get confused when they first see the thousands of options for knives they have. So to clear out everything, here are some of the most important factors that need to be considered before buying a hunting or survival knife:

  • Durability; The durability of a knife is the amount of pressure it can withstand without snapping. This is an extremely important factor that can literally make or break the knife for many. So when looking for a knife, make sure it is durable and strong.
  • Sharpness: When it comes to a strong knife, you can make some exceptions. But in the case of sharpness, there should never be a compromise as the sharpness is of immense importance especially when it comes to hunting knives. You are going to need all the sharpness you can get out in the wilderness.
  • Edge Retention: The edge retention of a knife is basically the years it can stay in the same sharpness and condition as it was when brand new. The edge retention part is important not because of the strength needed out in forests but because you are going to be using the knife through the many coming years. So it is always good to have a knife that is a one-time investment and doesn’t need to be replaced much as the years go by. 

Perkin Knives Review 2022

With the aim to surpass any other competitor that came in their way, Perkin was founded in the 1900s to provide the best survival knives on the market. Perkins manufactures their custom knives within the UK and exports them worldwide. These knives are loved all around the world, specifically in the US. Hunters, campers, fishers, and people who just use them for self-defense have all testified how good these knives are for easy everyday tasks like cutting, chopping, and sawing. Perkin’s knife manufacturing has over a hundred processes it goes through before going into the market. From its sharp blade to the ergonomically designed handles, all of them are tested and verified to be perfect before the customer purchases the product.

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Most Perkin knives are made with a 420c steel type to provide the best and most efficient edge that can slash through anything from rock-hard foods to trees. Perkin manufactures both fixed blade and folding blade knives and is most popularly known for its EDC pocket knives with folding blades. If you want a compact knife that will fit the bill, these knives should be your go-to. These cheaply priced knives make for a great weapon against the horrors of the outside world.


Price can be a big factor when deciding on what knife you should purchase. It plays a pivotal role in determining if you can make the purchase. Fortunately, Perkin knives are extremely cheap compared to other brands such as Ganzo knives. Here is an interactive price chart from which you can check out the prices of different Perkin knives lines/products:

Perkin KnivesPrice
PN101 Fixed Blade Knife
PK800 Hunting Knife
Pocket Folding Knife For EDC
Large 440c Steel Survival Knife
Damascus Pocket Knife


Who wants to make a purchase and find out that it was a complete waste of money? For this reason, I will tell you about all the advantages and disadvantages purchasing Perkin knives will give you from an honest standpoint.


When you think of a good blade, the first thing that comes to mind is its sharpness. The steel used for the manufacturing of most Perkin knife blades is a 420c steel type. This is a high-carbon stainless steel blade that is thin enough that it can already cut anything without being sharpened. But when the blade is sharpened at around a 15 to 20-degree angle at the Perkin factory within the UK, it makes the blade have an impressive amount of sharpness. For testing out the sharpness for myself, I performed a tomato slicing test with the knife. This is an excellent test to determine the sharpness of the blade whether it be kitchen knives or hunting knives. And sure enough, the knife had no problem slicing the tomato into thin pieces without spilling any juice. Although you can surely find sharper knives in the industry, unless you want to use them as kitchen knives, you shouldn’t need anything sharper than this.

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Edge retention

With a combination that includes high-quality steel and meticulous manufacturing processes, Perkin knives have made a product many around the world consider one of the best knives for EDC. One of the worst things that can happen to you while you’re on a high-risk tour is that your knife dulls out. That can prove devastating because you will no longer have an object that can be used for trapping, skinning, woodcutting, and wood carving This is why only the top-quality stainless steel and Damascus material is used for the manufacturing of most Perkin knives. It is ensured that the product will last you many years because of the sheath protecting the blade from any harm while the blade is covered. Even after months of use, the Perkin knives will remain in their prime conditions if they are well taken care of. However, to maintain a perfect edge for your Perkin knife, you must sharpen the knife once every 6 months. This is only a precaution recommended by knife experts to keep you safe in case of an emergency.

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Some people like myself are really hesitant to purchase from new brands and can often be scared away by the hundreds of options to choose from. Luckily, Perkin knives offer a lifetime warranty with almost all of their products. So if by any miracle you are not satisfied with the product you bought, all you have to do is email or phone Perkin knives and they will replace your knife on your request or even send you your money back in full!

This guarantee certainly made me trust Perkin knives more and I’m so glad I did because the product I got has been nothing but helpful on my adventures.

Blade Material

When looking out for a knife, blades are something that makes or breaks a knife in my eyes. They have to be a perfect blend of sharpness and durability. Even if one of the requirements is not met, it can prove devastating for the user who has to live with their money wasted. Perkin has many types of blades. Although all of them are made from the same type of high carbon material. There are still various types of steel that are used by Perkin. Here are some of the famous ones used by Perkin knives and other brands like Farberware knives:


Damascus steel has been used for many centuries. It is used for crafting swords and survival knives alike. Damascus steel is easily recognized because of its wavy pattern design. This steel type tends to stay sharper for longer compared to your normal steel, providing a definite advantage for slicing and dicing.

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Aside from its beautiful looks and amazing sharpness, it is also far highly valued because of its flexibility and hardness. Weapons and knives crafted from this type of Damascus steel are way more superior than those formed from just iron. While extremely soft to work with, Damascus becomes harder than stainless steel once it’s hardened.


440c steel type is the highest carbon steel on our list, and it is resistant to corrosion with the most ultimate durability, and the highest rust resistance. This type of steel is popular both among knife makers and knife users because holds a great reflective finish for longer, requiring very little to no maintenance.

It has been confirmed that the high carbon content of this steel makes it more robust. The use of high Molybdenum content ensures its robustness as well. This makes this steel very tough. There are dozens of other steels used in the manufacturing process of these knives, these were some of the mentionable ones that make these knives the workhorses they are.

Common Complaints

I have just been telling you about the pros of these knives so far. So how about instead we focus on some of the disadvantages of the Perkin knives. Personally, I haven’t had any major issues using the Perkin knives myself, some people still have experienced some minor inconvenience. Although people complaining about Perkin knives are in the minority, they still exist. Here are some of the concerns they have by using and testing out the Perkin knives:

The sheath is too large

Some people have complained about the Perkin knife sheaths being too large for the knife. Most knives sold in the market include sheaths to go along with them. If the product you’re purchasing from Pekin knives also includes it, you will receive a sheath with it. 

However, large sheaths can cause problems for the user as they can loosen up and let the knife slide out and that itself can potentially harm the user. Although it is not a big deal as it can be resolved by just storing the knife within your backpack or wrapping the knife tightly with a cloth, it is still mentionable because many consumers not being too happy about it.


Another issue that arose among some of the customers who bought the knife was the weight of it. This is because of the high carbon stainless steel used in the manufacturing process. The blade itself is full tang, meaning it goes all the way to the butt end of the handle. The fully forged full tang design often makes the knife heavier than most expect.

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These knives are workhorses that have a full tang thick blade, and a solid handle, which makes them heavy. So beware of the fact that the knives are surely razor-sharp, but their design can be heavy depending on the knife you’re buying.


In any outdoor trip, a sharp Perkin knife should be essential because it can perform multiple tasks that other dull knives can not. This has been a Perkin knives review where I have mentioned all you need to know about Perkin knives. This Perkin knives review has told you about all the advantages and disadvantages of purchasing these knives and now you should be able to choose for yourself which one will suit your needs. We hope this list helped you out. Now either you want to go camping or hiking, you should feel safe by having one of these extravagant knives by your side.


Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Where are Perkin knives manufactured?

Perkin knives are manufactured in the UK. They have been manufacturing their knives from within the UK for many years.

Q: How to clean survival knives?

Here is a video that will help you wash and clean your survival knives to keep them in their prime conditions throughout the years:

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