Schmidt Brothers Knives Review

I hope you agree with me when I say:

 Kitchen knives are the best friend of every chef. 

For that exact purpose, having one of the best knives to wield within your kitchen is essential. A good, no great knife can not only save you time but also make your prep work enjoyable. Cooking can be made more magical and not just a drag. An investment in your tools is one of the best investments you can make while being a kitchen owner. However, whether you are a newbie or a seasoned veteran, investing such a large sum of money into knives can seem risky. This is why I have compiled a Schmidt Brothers knives review for anyone looking to invest in kitchen knives. In this in-depth article, I will tell you all about the advantages as well as disadvantages when it comes to Schmidt Brothers knives. We will discuss what makes these knives good and special and why you should even consider spending your hard-earned money on these knives as an investment.

I will cover all the following things about Schmidt Brothers knives:

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Schmidt Brothers Knives Pros and Cons:

Here is a list of pros and cons of Schmidt Brothers knives based on our experience:

Pros Cons
✅ Rockwell hardness scale of 59+/-❌ Higher price point
✅ Exclusive German stainless steel❌ Curved bolster
✅ Multiple beautiful lines
✅ Ergonomically shaped handle
✅ Holds an edge for years

Buying guide:

Before buying any of the knives you want, there are some things you need to consider. Here is a list of just a few of those things you need to keep an eye on:

  • Strength: The strength of the knife is super important when it comes to knives for kitchen use. This is why you need to make sure the knife is hard and strong enough for you to use. This will mostly depend on the task you are performing. For example, for cutting and chopping frozen foods, a cleaver would be more suitable. Consider your needs, only then you should choose out your finest bet.
  • Stability: A stable knife is your best friend. Now you need to look for a stable knife because that exact stable knife is what will get you through the years to come. Make sure the knife you are purchasing at least has a half if not a full tang to go along with it. This proves that a knife is stable as tang knives are usually the most stable.
  • Price: Price is a huge factor to consider as if you buy knives for more money than you need to, it can become a problem. So buy the knife that you absolutely need and not something that will just sit in your drawers for years. So budget your knives and save as much as possible when hunting for knives and only spend as much as you need to.

Schmidt Brothers Knives Review 2022:

Originally designed and engineered in New York, Schmidt Brothers knives are then sent to China for their assembling. These knives are what we call Western-style knives. Schmidt Brothers are constantly making new designs. They have 4 main lines which are widely popular around the world. When comparing their knives to other brands like Wusthof, it seems as if Schmidt Brothers knives came out of nowhere and took over the market. The company was originally formed in 2010 by two brothers who had an urge to combine modern steel and materials with old-fashioned manufacturing processes and traditional techniques.

Schmidt Brothers cutlery design is modern looking and manufactured using 100% imported German steel and FSC-certified sustainable wood. Every knife they have is sketched and goes through dozens of steps before being manufactured. Sharpening, quality control, and durability are some of the top priorities when it comes to manufacturing Schmidt Brothers knives.


Although Schmidt Brothers knives have not been around that long, they have figured out how to make pretty amazing knives over this decade. When it comes to performance, here’s what you can expect when you purchase Schmidt Brothers beast knives:


A 59HRC +/- combined with 100% German steel is what Schmidt Brothers knives are made from. They have DN 1.4116 Stainless steel used for the outer coat of the knife. Straight out of the factory, Schmidt Brothers knives are sharpened at an 18-degree angle (36 on both sides). Which is considered exceptionally sharp. To judge the sharpness of a knife, I like to perform a tomato slicing test on it. And sure enough, this knife could cut a tomato into thin slices without any hassle or the juice spilling everywhere.

whilst it’s not the sharpest of knives you can get online, this amount of sharpness should be enough unless you work as a sushi chef. Not to mention the high pricing of brands like Yatoshi knives.

Edge retention:

Edge retention is the amount of pressure a knife blade can handle long-term without dulling and breaking. When talking about the edge retention of Schmidt Brothers cutlery, the knife mustn’t dull at any cost. So to make the best possible piece on the market Schmidt Brothers put together a vicious manufacturing process and combined it with the best high-quality steel on the market. This feature definitely gives Schmidt Brothers a competitive edge in the cutlery industry. Schmidt brother knives only need to be sharpened once or twice a year, and that is only if they are used frequently. Here is a guide on how to sharpen a kitchen knife.


One of the things I love most about the Schmidt Brothers knives is that they’re extremely comfortable and easy to hold. The moment you will pick up these knives, you will notice right away its heft. It feels heavy, think, and solid. It will instantly feel as if you are holding something ultra-durable. Most Schmidt Brother knives are fully forged, which means the blade extends all the way through to the butt end of the handle itself. This is done to properly distribute and give the weight and provide more control to the knife holder.

And because of the amazing soft-touch synthetic wood used for the handles, the knives are extremely easy to use and do not cause fatigue at all. You can use the knives and do prep work for hours yet you will not really get tired unless your grip is a bit too tight. Be sure to utilize the comfortability of the knife and use it to its fullest.

Product Options:

1: Schmidt Brothers Bonded Ash 8″ Chef Knife

Why we love it:

  • Triple-riveted designed handles offer absolute stability to ensure comfort
  • The versatile knife excels in cutting, chopping, and dicing
  • Signature Schmidt Brothers patented curve
  • Expertly crafted to provide immense comfortability

Pros Cons
✅ Great value❌ Handles need extra care
✅ High-quality X50CrMoV15 steel
✅ Hard, tough, and durable

Bonded ash is one of the main lines alongside bonded teak and zebrawood that the Schmidt Brothers offer. It is one of their most popular lines, widely used around the USA. This specific knife has an all-purpose razor-sharp edge to cut through all of your meal prep. This knife is the top-selling item that Schmidt Brothers offer.

In-Depth Details:

The heavy-duty knife, made from 1.4116 stainless steel, which is also widely known as German stainless steel makes for effortless cutting. This type of blade is sharp even before it is further sharpened at the factory. The blade is sharpened at an 18-degree angle for precision cutting and holds its edge throughout the years. the one-piece design is made to keep you from getting blisters on your index finger when you cut for a long time without breaks using a pinch grip style. There is an added bolster that also enhances the knife’s ability to keep you safe from any harm and adds further balance to the knife. The tang of the blade runs all the way through the handle to complete a full tang. The handle has been ergonomically engineered to reduce slippage and garnish ease of use.

2: Schmidt Brothers – Zebra Wood 4″ Paring Knife

Why we love it:

  • Small blade with a razor-sharp edge
  • Reduced slippage using the Zebra Wood handle
  • Nimble and agile blade ideal for prepping
  • Great gift for first-timers

Pros Cons
✅ Schmidt Brothers Curve❌ Built like an outdoor knife
✅ Attractive design
✅ Big handle compared to blade

In-Depth Details:

A nimble, agile, and with a razor-sharp edge, the Schmidt Brothers paring knife is ideal for small kitchen tasks like mincing, prepping, peeling, and all that with precision. With 100% high carbon German steel used for the construction, the knife has remarkable strength as well as durability and edge retention. It holds up extremely well under pressure and practically guides your hand to where the cut should be. The Zebra Wood design features an amazing grain and is manufactured to fit any hand while providing a comfortable grip and a striking contrast to the sharp blade. The gripping ability is next level with ease of use and a soft touch handle. The handle of this knife is also dishwasher safe and has a high heat tolerance. Both these properties come in handy for home chefs looking for a plain and simple blade that does not break or take up too much of your time.


The only drawback I found worth meaning in this Schmidt Brothers knives review is when using this knife is that the knife feels too delicate in my hand. It has a small blade that does not feel sturdy enough. So if you are going to buy this blade, make sure to not use it for cutting heavy-duty foods like frozen items or bones.

3: Schmidt Brothers 7-Piece Knife Set

Why we love it:

  • Simple black handles that provide a soft-touch feel
  • Blades sharpened at an 18-degree angle
  • 7 sharp-edged blades with a Serrated edge
  • High-quality ebony and red Oak wood Knife Block

Pros Cons
✅ Full-tang construction
❌ Does not include shears or sharpener
✅ Attractive design
✅ Beautiful and plain design

In-Depth Details:

After seeing this knife set, the first thing that came to my mind was that it will fit in every kitchen environment and complement it well because of its sleek design. This is a Carbon 6 line by Schmidt Brothers. The knife set includes 7 pieces which are named as follows:  8.5″ Bread (serrated), 8″ Chef, 8.5” Slicer, 7″ Santoku, 6″ Double-edge utility (serrated), 5″ Utility, 4″ Paring knife, Ebony, and red oak wood knife block. Every knife in this set is made from high-carbon stainless steel known as the X50CrMoV15 steel. The knives have immense strength and can handle any amount of pressure on them. Although, they are so sharp that a lot of force is not needed to slice through even rock-hard foods. The knives feature great hardness, toughness all while being completely corrosion resistant. This makes the knife not only built to perform but also last for a long time.

All the knives in the set are fully forged with a curved bolster and full tang design. Of course, all of the knives also feature the Carbon 6 special, a patented Schmidt Brother curved handle. The knife set also comes with an Ebony and Red Oak wood knife block to keep all your knives in store. The knife block is elegant-looking and adds a professional feel to the kitchen. Matched with the plain black handles of the knives, the knife set complements any color extremely well. With a 4.9 rating on Amazon, the quality of this product is absolutely superb.

4: Schmidt Brothers Bonded Ash 7″ Boning Knife

Why we love it:

  • Small, slick, and unique blade
  • Used for the important task of removing pesky bones from proteins
  • 8.4 ounces lightweight blade
  • Expertly crafted to maximize edge retention

Pros Cons
✅ Perfect for any hand size
❌ Slim blade
✅ Flexible blade
✅ Carves with great precision

In-Depth Details:

A specialized blade made for the special task of extracting pesky bones from proteins like beef, pork, poultry, and fish. The knife has a sleek, toned, and slim sharp edge featuring the dexterity you need to get the job done. Fabricated with top-notch high-quality carbon stainless steel, the boning knife is made durable with an edge of approximately 17 degrees. As with all their products, the gorgeous bonded ash handle features a patented curved bolster. This ensures the user a comfortable grip from start to finish. The knife feels like a heavy-duty one in your hands and does not feel soft or too light for usage o bones. It has the perfect balance which includes the right amount of strength combined with durability. Now you can complete your kitchen with this boning knife as well as fillet some fish, carve meat and chop rock hard foods all with the help of the Schmidt Brothers Boning knife.


To conclude this list of Schmidt Brothers knives and their review, I would like to mention that, before making an impulsive purchase, make sure to consider your needs and buy the knife according to them. If you’re on the market looking for products you do not know about, it can get overwhelming. This Schmidt Brothers knives list was certainly made to help you with the intention of untangling all the brands and products on the market which can be confusing for people just getting into cooking or the cutlery industry. Consider your wants first, then look for that knife (in the product options) and choose the one which you think checks all your boxes.


Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Are Schmidt Brothers knives good?

Of course, they are good. They are well suited for any home or professional chef based on their price point and quality. Although for this price range, you can probably find sharper knives. But most of what makes Schmidt Brothers knives is their sleek and modern design. So if you feel as if the design is not much of your type, you can check out the best chef knives under 100$ as those may be a better fit for you. Check out this video by Schmidt Brothers to understand their brand and goals better:

Q: Does Schmidt Brothers offer any warranties with their knives?

Yes, mainly because of their trust in their high-quality steel knives, Schmidt Brothers offers all their customers a Limited Lifetime Warranty. This warranty can be used against defects in craftsmanship or materials.

Q: Are Schmidt Brothers Knives Dishwasher Safe?

As Schmidt Brothers put it, they are meant to be “cleaned without the machine”. They are not dishwasher safe because of the high carbon amount in the steel used. They are to be hand-washed only.

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