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I hope you agree with us when we say:

 Cleaning your stove after every cooking session is a hassle. 

That being said, to avoid this problem, stove guards are the way to go. Stove guards are sheets made out of various materials that can help you make clean up easy. You simply lay one down on your stove and it catches every spill, waste, and leftover that you might have knocked over when cooking. In this stove guard review, we will be highlighting some of the best stove guards that you can purchase as of right now for your stove.

If you love to cook, chances are you experience spills quite often. To completely steer clear of this issue, you should definitely look into investing in one of these stove guards as it will save time and energy which in turn will make you enjoy cooking and cook more often.

Things to consider before purchasing:

There are some things you will need to look out for when buying a stove guard. There are dozens of these factors but we have put together a list of some of the most important ones for you down below.

  • Stove model: Before purchasing a stove guard, make sure the product you are buying matches your stove model. This will ensure that you accidentally do not buy a stove guard that does not fit your stove. Luckily, all the stove guards mentioned in this review will include several models for you to choose from to guarantee that you get exactly what you need.
  • Fire-resistant: A stove guard obviously needs to be fire-resistant if you are going to be putting it on top of your stove. It is almost guaranteed that the stove guard you purchase will have some material used that makes it resistant to fire. But what you will need to look out for is that the material does not give out toxic gases when put near the stove. This can cause a hazardous work environment which can be harmful to both your health and the food you are going to consume.
  • Easily washable: Stove guards that are easily washable are a must. If the stove guard you decide on purchasing turns out to be one that you need to wash with environmentally unsafe cleaners, that will waste even more of your time. Verify that the stovetop you get is easily cleanable and can be cleaned with just faucet water.

Stove Guard Reviews 2022:

If you have been shopping around for stove guards, chances are you have looked at the company named “stove guard” and want to read some reviews that they have. In this article, we will be speaking from our experience about all the advantages and disadvantages we have found while using stove guards from this company. Officially founded in 2006, stove guard has grown to be the biggest stove top cover company in the industry. With this have come many people who doubt the company and want to read genuine reviews about it before purchasing any of their products. Here we will be going over some products they have and we will make an in-depth pros and cons list for you to check out if you want to get yourself one of their items. So without any further ado, let’s get right into it:

1: StoveGuard Silver Lite Custom Cut Stove Top Covers

Why we love it: 

  • high-quality material
  • Aesthetic look for your stove
  • Best for stainless steel and glass stovetops
  • Prevents any scratches
  • Quick and easy cleanup

Pros Cons
✅ All stove models available❌ Expensive
✅ PFOA & BPA free for your safety
✅ 30-day satisfaction guarantee
✅ Also comes in a pack of 3


A silver sheet with the dimensions of 18 x 4 x 4 inches is one of the best stove guards for child safety. This mat is not only lightweight at only 8.5 ounces but also looks aesthetically pleasing on your stove. The silver lite single pack is by far the most effective stove guard on this list. This is because of the versatile nature of this stove guard. The mat can comfortably sit on top of the glass, electric, and stainless steel stovetops and protects them from any harm. The material used for this is thick and can make your stove less prone to any damage. This stove guard is made to fit as close to a burner as possible and it does not burn. It is made from fire-retardant material and does not release any toxic gasses into the environment or into your food when being cooked.

The edges of this mat do not fold when under immense pressure from the fire like they usually do with stove guards and the guard is able to withstand up to 750 degrees of heat making it our favorite out of all the stove guard reviews. This is a one-of-a-kind beautiful piece that will not only look good on your stovetop but also make you want to cook more because of the easy clean-up.

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2: StoveGuard Ultra Thick Easy Clean Stove Liner

Why we love it: 

  • Catches any spills and food wastage
  • Way better than using aluminum
  • Fits perfectly on your stove
  • Great customer service

Pros Cons
✅ Made to fit as close as possible to each burner❌ Ends fold when it gets too hot
✅ Easily washable under faucet water
✅ Reduces scrubbing
✅ Easy clean up after cooking


With over 1500 reviews on Amazon, this stove guard product has been rated one of the best ones in the market. The price point of this stove liner is a little high but rightfully so. It offers people the ability to keep their stoves clean at all times and protects against accidental spills and any type of scratches or damage to the stove. The rubber it is made out of is extra thick making it irresistible for epicures. This mat is super easy to clean, we like to just wipe off the loose gunk with a napkin or you can take the whole thing off the stove, wash it, and put it back in its place. The fireproof stove mat is meant to be a childproof stove guard which prevents any type of harm to your child if they are in the cooking area with you.

It is a silicone cover for a glass top stove making it safe to be placed upon surfaces that can suffer impairment when cooking on them. A perfect piece that will keep the grease and grime off of your stovetops and in the garbage. The mat itself typically has dimensions of around 17.5 x 13.75 x 2 inches with 1.2 pounds of weight but that can vary from models of different stovetops. This specific mat comes in a black single pack but they also have a pack of 3 available for anyone looking for it.

3: StoveGuard Ultra Thin Stove Protector

Why we love it: 

  • Protects against grease and oil spills
  • Easy to install
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Prevents food from sticking to it

Pros Cons
✅ Does not move from its place❌ Too thin and easily penetrable
✅ Can be cleaned using just a cloth
✅ Makes cooking enjoyable
✅ Releases no toxic gases and doesn't burn


This stove guard has an ultra-thin Teflon-coated Fiberglass material coating that allows you to lay down the stove liner on your stove model. This item has been perfectly custom cut to suit your own stove and includes multiple gas stove models you can use choose from to best fit your needs. The material used to craft this art piece is durable, fire retardant, and can handle up to a 650-degree temperature. This specific gas stove top protector liner is completely PFOA and BPA free which means you can be safer when cooking.

The stove liner has been crafted beautifully within the USA and can be easily cleaned. Just simply your stove guard when you are done cooking and wash away the burnt-on messes that might have taken place by using mildly warm water and place it back! The ultra-thin stove liner includes a nonslip back to ensure that there is no inconvenience when cooking. If you hate a dirty stovetop and want something to cover all that up for one of the cheapest prices on the market, you should definitely look into this stove top guard.

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After reading these stove guard reviews, you should be able to distinctively pick out the perfect match for your kitchen. While purchasing, remember that a stove guard is a once-a-lifetime investment. This is why you are only going to spend money on it once so do not hesitate to get the better option if it will ultimately help your kitchen in the long run. You should now be capable enough to find a suitable stove guard for yourself from the options above. The product options have included everything you will need to remember when buying these mats for your stove. So carefully read the pros and cons and buy according to what is most needed in your household.

 Now get yourself a stove guard and avoid any more future spills to keep your household clean! 

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