Striploin vs Sirloin 【Differences Explained 2022】

We hope you will agree with us when we say:

 Differentiating between two identical types of meat is quite difficult. 

Most people have trouble finding the difference between striploin vs sirloin. You might find hundreds of different answers if you were to search about it online. This can confuse many of us as many sources claim that they are the same thing. This is true in some parts of the world as striploin and sirloin is the name of the same piece of steak; however, in the US, striploin is more commonly identified as the New York Strip. The United States has a different name for striploin, hence causing all the confusion. That being said, the steaks both have different characteristics and qualities to them. In this article, we will be comparing the two cuts of meats and seeing how they compare to each other in terms of every aspect you should know about.

Striploin vs Sirloin: The Basics

The steak commonly referred to as striploin or the New York Strip is a piece of meat that is carved from the upper section of the sirloin that is located around the ribs of the cow. This may make you think that the striploin itself sounds identical to sirloin, and you would be correct. As we find out more, you will realize that all New York striploin steaks are sirloin but not all of the sirloin steak is the same as the New York strip. As it turns out, Sirloin is actually a broader term that is used to refer to any steak that was carved from the sirloin section (image below for reference). The rule that is generally known by meat lovers is that top sirloin is much more versatile and can be used for different dishes while striploin has a much more dense flavor.

What is Striploin?

sirloin sample steakThe meat that has been cut from the upper sirloin portion of the cow or cattle is known as the striploin. This is found exactly behind the ribs of the cow. The striploin is known to be tastier than the regular sirloin because it is chopped from the edge of the cow’s back. That part of the cow has a more delicate texture to it with an enriched buttery flavor. Most people also prefer striploin not only because of the flavor enhancement but also because it does not have as high of fat content as in ribeye. What they fail to realize is that striploin contains more fat content than sirloin steaks.

However, the new york steak definitely makes up for it as it is usually sold boneless. Meaning you can save your time and put it to better use. Moreover, if you like your Angus striploin steak with bones, it is definitely possible to find bone-in cuts. What this does is provide the meat with even more flavor than before. Meat lovers are sure to appreciate this extra bit of flavorful add-on.

Note: With the bone-in Striploin steak, it may be known as “Kansas City Steak” instead of the “New York Strip”.

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What is Sirloin?

When we talk about Sirloin, it is an area located on the rear end of the cattle that are found from the center of the animal to just before the rear legs. It has been divided up into two known segments called the upper and bottom sirloin. The top sirloin is a pricier piece of meat with a tender and smooth texture. The upper sirloin is used in expensive restaurants to cook steaks and is the favorite American grilling steak loved by thousands. It is found far away from the hoof of the steer compared to the bottom sirloin that is closer.

The bottom sirloin section tends to be much more affordable in terms of price and seems to be a larger piece of steak than the upper sirloin. This type of beef sirloin steak is used to cook cheap steaks that have been pounded out or tenderized to make them better tasting. It is also used by professionals in slower cooking methods to make sure the connective tissue can be taken advantage of which is otherwise extremely difficult in the top sirloin.

In short, Sirloin is a large cut of meat that has many different types of steaks originating from it. Examples of this are Filet Mignon, tenderloin, NY strip, KC striploin, T-Bone, or Porterhouse. Sirloin is just a general term while striploin refers to a specific part of the sirloin.

Striploin vs Sirloin: Comparison

Now that you know everything about these delicious pieces of steak, let’s compare both of them and find out what the main differences and similarities are. We will be breaking down every aspect and then deciding upon a winner based on those statistics to make it easier for you.

Striploin vs Sirloin Comparison Chart:

Here we have compiled a comparison chart for you to take a look at that summarizes everything we have mentioned below. We have given our reasoning to our choices down below in detail.

Easier To Cook

Easier to cook/grill:

When it comes to grilling a steak, you always want one that can save you time and is not too difficult to grill. Striploin is generally considered to be extremely easy to grill if you have some prior experience. This is because they do not contain as much fat content as other parts of the sirloin such as the ribeye. Meaning the steak is not likely to drip fat and cause any flare-ups. Flare-ups are bad for the steak because they can cause the steak to char.

Striploin or the New York strip is also known to be much leaner than other parts such as the T-bone. The leanness prevents the cook from having to cook the steak for too long as it can dry up the steak or in some cases make it rougher and tougher to dig into. As a result, not much care needs to be taken care of the steak when grilling it. This is why most cooks prefer it over the other parts of the sirloin. You can learn more about how to cook a striploin steak here.

Winner: Striploin


You obviously need to be considerate of your bank balance when purchasing a steak. This is why the affordability of the steak in the new york steak vs sirloin debate matters a lot. When it comes to the price, Striploin steaks are in much higher demand as they are known to be more flavorful than sirloin. The price is also high because of the tender cut of the meat with much more marbling possessed by Striploin steaks. As a result of this, sirloin steaks are much more affordable in comparison to the high-fat New York Striploin.

The average cost of the top sirloin ranges from 5 to 10 dollars per pound, while a Striploin will run you around 15 dollars per pound.

Winner: Sirloin


When it comes to the flavor, the New York strip or the sirloin definitely takes the cake. Due to the marbling, Striploin knocks the other competitors straight out of the part. It has an overpowering yet elegant flavor that is perfect for grilling. Furthermore, you can also buy the Striploin steak with bone-in to give it that extra meaty flavor if you are an expert at cooking it.

That is not to say that Sirloin are not great steaks. Top sirloin in specific has great taste but it does need to be marinated first before it reveals its true colors. This is because of the leanness of the meat itself. If you are a health-conscious eater, the top sirloin is the way to go in the striploin vs top sirloin discussion.

Winner: Striploin


The versatility of a steak is important as you should be able to experiment with your steak. That being said, the New York strip is the way to go. It has a delicious taste of its own. But when served with scrambled eggs, mashed potatoes, or as a brunch dish with fries, it truly blossoms. You can even make rolled meat dishes with it such as a Sicilian meat roll.

On the other hand, the Sirloin steak puts up a tough competition. These steaks are more chewer hence they can be used in everything from tacos to stir-fries. One disadvantage to Sirloin is that it cannot be served as an appetizer. However, you can craft some amazing dishes with this such as hamburgers, shish kebab, and more.

Winner: Sirloin

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What Is The Best Kind of Steak?

The best kind of steak depends upon what you enjoy. If you like steak that is luxurious but has high-fat content, you should consider Striploin. The Striploin is about as good as it gets as it is well-marbled, flavorful, and most of all expensive. However, if you would rather go for something more affordable and learn while also providing satisfaction and a good steak-eating experience, go for the Sirloin. Sirloin is a generally better choice due to the time that can be saved not having to hover over the grill to prevent the steak from charing.

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