Tac Force Knives Review 【Made In America】

I hope you will agree with us when we say:

 Pocket knives are either super overpriced or just do not work. 

That being said, today there are dozens of cheap survival knives on the market and it can be hard to choose one from the thousands of options. This is why, in this review, we will be going over one of the best brands when it comes to pocket knives used for EDC. We will be going through every individual knife and discussing its pros and cons. This through tac force knives review will tell you all you need to know about this brand in order for you to pick out the perfect match for yourself.

In today’s world, knife manufacturers have turned a blind eye to producing cheap knives which are both affordable and strong. Most brands seem to focus more on producing high-end knives which would cost an average collector an arm and a leg to purchase. However, tac force has stayed true to their origin and still to this day produce knives for a much cheaper price than brands like CRKT knives, TOPS, and Kershaw. In this article, we will go over multiple product options and discuss each one in detail. So let us get right into it.

Tac Force Knives Pros And Cons

Here is a general list of all the advantages and disadvantages you can expect when buying a tac force knife:

Pros Cons
✅ Exceptionally sharp blades❌ Not dish-washer friendly
✅ Extremely cheap prices❌ Folding blades can be difficult to open
✅ Versatile knives
✅ Unique styles for collectors
✅ Certified parent company

Things to consider before purchasing:

Before you but into a knife that you will probably have for years to come, there are some things you need to consider beforehand. There are dozens of factors that need to be accounted for when purchasing a knife but we have cut down the most important ones and put them on a list for you to take a look at to ensure you are getting the best deal possible. Here are some things you need to pay attention to when looking to obtain a knife for yourself:

  • Durability: When it comes to a pocket/survival knife, you will of course need to look out for its durability. A knife needs to be as sturdy as it can get especially if you are going to be using it under harsh conditions. Make sure the knife you are buying into is perfect when it comes to durability. One way you can ensure the knife is durable is by looking at reviews of people under the product category of durability. This will make it so you do not get a faulty knife that needs to be replaced only after a couple of months of use.
  • Sharpness: The second most important factor you will need to account for is the sharpness of the blade you are purchasing. Unless you are just a collector looking to get a knife that will sit in your closet, you should really make sure the blade is sharp enough for practical use. If you are going to be using it as an EDC knife, make sure the knife has been sharpened at least at an angle of 15 to 20 degrees. This is the typical sharpness of a blade whether it be for your kitchen or the outside world.
  • Grip: To evaluate whether or not the knife is comfortable you have to look at the build of the handle. We prefer if the knife has a thumb rest as that ensures that the knife you are purchasing has the foremost build when it comes to the grip. This thumb space provides the user with a safe and comfortable holding position to make sure you can use the knife for long periods of time.

Tac Force Knives Review 2022:

Made under the parent company known as Master Cutlery, Tac force was founded in 1982. This knife brand has taken the world by storm due to its classy yet cheap survival knives. Master cutlery is known for its edged tools and pristine reputation. The brand has been praised by many well-known collectors over the years. The Tac force is one of their best-selling child companies followed by the infamous Mtech. They are both beast companies competing with the likes of TOPS and Boker. Tac Force knives offer multiple types of blades from folding to fixed blade knives. They have a large variety to choose from and add class to each one of their products.

Each knife has a different type of combination when it comes to the materials and each blade has been manufactured with the cost set to as low as possible. You might think They compromise their materials or manufacturing processes due to the low price of these knives but instead, they have a zero-tolerance policy for knives that are faulty. In fact, they offer warranties with several of their knives for the consumers to be satisfied. Let’s have a look at some of the product options available when it comes to Tac Force knives and all of their features.

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1: Tac-Force Pink Camo Tactical Knife

Why we love it: 

  • The liner lock is strong but still easy enough to depress
  • Weight added to the blade for extra stability
  • Fits in your pocket without being too bulky
  • A double weapon with one end for bludgeoning and the other for cutting
  • Quick and easy opening mechanism

Pros Cons
✅ Exteremely attractive colors❌ A little difficult to open
✅ Nice serrated edge to cut rope
✅ Built for camping and scouting
✅ Longlasting lifetime


The Tac force TF-705PC is one of the best aesthetic items that Tac Force has. This knife offers a tactical spring-assisted blade that can be opened and deployed with one hand. The blade locks securely into its place with the provided liner lock. The blade itself is made out of half-serrated stainless steel material and possesses a unique rainbow color. With a 4-1/2-inch closed length, this knife features a 3mm thick stainless steel blade. The blade also highlights a half-serrated blade used to cut cope, tree branches, and more so that you can stay safe out in the wilderness. You must also look out for the sharpness of the blade when purchasing one, that is why we tested this blade under extreme circumstances and it mostly passed as long as sharpness goes. But it did have some trouble being tested and trialed when it came to durability. All in all, it passes our test of the leading cheap pocket knife and has quickly become one of our favorites in its respective field.


When it comes to the handle of the blade, it has many features that you will not even get with top-tier blades. This aluminum handle has a bottle opener, a glass breaker used for emergencies, a screwdriver, and a pocket clip for ease of carrying! This knife is the perfect low-budget blade that can not only be used as a collectible because of its beautiful colors but also as a practical workhorse. Tac force has designed this knife with great ambition and it has shown because of the 14,000 positive reviews on Amazon.

2: TAC Force Spring Assisted Pocket Knife

Why we love it: 

  • Black blade provides a classy look
  • Police text on the handle
  • More practical than a collectible
  • Bottle opener makes it a cool show off

Pros Cons
✅ Razor-sharp blade on the knife❌ Bottle opener only works when the knife is open
✅ Solid steel handle
✅ Built for everyday use
✅ Inexpensive and well-built

Blade & Overview:

The model TF-705BK from Tac force offers the user a unique blade half-serrated blade with a black handle design. The blade itself has a 4 and a half-inch length when closed and a 3-inch blade length with 3mm thickness. The blade, much like the TF-705PC has a serrated edge to cut through any rock-solid objects. This blade has a spring-assisted folding mechanism that makes it easier for the user to swiftly open up the blade. Featuring a stainless steel build, the knife itself has been recommended by over 4000 people. The reputation of the blade comes from the construction given to it. Although it is very similar to the TF-705PC knife, this blade was actually designed for the police as written on the handle.


Speaking of the handle, it has gained traction by made due to its high-quality build and structure. Although it has not been made out of the most comfortable material, it still provides the best you can get at the price. The handle also gives left-handed people an edge as it can be held in both hands without much discomfort. It also features a bottle opener and a glass breaker at the butt end of the handle. Although the blade does not have a full-tang design (blade extending all the way to the butt end of the knife) It does provide durability adding it to one of our favorite on this tac force knives review. When it comes to the sharpness of the blade, it has been sharpened at a 15 to 20-degree angle which is optimum for most knives. Although after some testing, it did seem like the knife needed a little bit of sharpening after being used under immense pressure.

3: TAC Force Two-tone Dragon EDC Knife

Why we love it: 

  • Perfect match for collectors
  • Lightweight blade
  • The back of the handle features a pocket clip
  • Half-serrated stainless steel blade
  • Finger hole on the end for added control

Pros Cons
✅ Multiple colors available❌ Not good for harsh environments
✅ Hole in the blade for better grip
✅ Beautiful textured handle
✅ Comes with a glass breaker

The TAC Force TF-707 collectible knife has been specially designed for people looking to get an attractive blade. This knife comes in 4 different colors you can choose from with the red one is the most visually pleasing. The blade for this knife has been made from high-quality stainless steel and features the signature half-serrated blade by Tac Force. The blade length is approximately 3-1/2-inch with a 3mm thickness. This specific blade has thousands of compliments given to its finger holds within the blade. This feature has been added to provide extra added control over the blade when wielding it. The knife has been sharpened at 17 to 20-degree angles and can cut through most rock-hard objects with delicacy. The blade has some weight to it for extra support and the folding liner lock makes it extremely easy for the knife to be opened by the wielder. This has quickly become the go-to knife for thousands around the world because of its versatility, durability, and quality.


Coming to the handle, the blade has a distinct yet promising feature to it. This spec allows you to break windows in case of emergencies like a car crash easily. This knife has purely been designed to be the go-to EDC knife at the cheapest of prices. The aesthetically pleasing handle also features a two-tone dragon on the handle with a textured decorative feature. The backside of the handle also has a clip attached to the knife so you can easily carry it around on your belt or in your pocket, giving it a spot on our Tac force knife review list. This clip is removable and most people actually prefer to remove it.


The knife itself is great, however, most people do not like the pocket clip of the blade as it can come in the way of comfortability when wielding the blade. If you have the same issue, you can easily take a screwdriver and remove the clip for yourself to make it easier for you to hold the knife.

tac force knife


After reading this Tac Force knives review, you should have a better general idea of what you can expect when purchasing into one of these powerhouses. You should now be able to distinctively tell when knife you are looking for and choose what blade you want to put your trust into. Lastly, we would like to mention that because these knives are super cheap compared to many on the market, you should not expect the best material you would usually get with a knife from an expensive brand. So make sure you set your expectations as high as they can go for a cheap pocket knife because it does not get any better than this in the price range offered by Tac force.

 Now go ahead and invest in one of the knives above and fulfill your dreams of the perfect knife collection. 

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