Yatoshi Knives Review

I hope you agree with me when I say:

 Purchasing knives can be a lot of unnecessary hassle and a time-consuming task. 

That being said, finding the perfect knife that fits all your needs is extremely frustrating. There are hundreds of options on the market and some are too highly-priced while some are too low quality. When looking for the perfect knife, we need to take into consideration its strength, durability, sharpness, comfort, and a dozen other factors. That is why newbies in the cutlery industry can often get lost within the options. It’s an extremely complex and cumbersome task.

If all this is starting to sound overwhelming, don’t worry as in this article, I have compiled a Yatoshi knives review that will tell you all the advantages and disadvantages Yatoshi knives contain as well as some of their best sellers.


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Yatoshi Knives Pros And Cons:

Here is a list of some of the pros and cons possessed by Yatoshi knives:

Pros Cons
✅ Rockwell hardness scale of 57-58❌ Higher price point
✅ Stainless steel for immense sharpness❌ Curved bolster
✅ Durable for the price point
✅ Ergonomically shaped handle
✅ Razor-sharp out of the box

Buying Guide:

Here are some factors you need to consider before going ahead and buying a Yatoshi knife from this list. Go through them and make sure you apply them on your shopping spree:

Price: Make sure the item you are going to purchase meets your needs perfectly. Do not overdo it with the price as it can get quite expensive for you. On the other hand, do not buy too little as you will have to look for more stuff. Make sure you weigh your needs and shop accordingly.

Durability: The durability of a knife is one of the most important factors when it comes to kitchen knives. Now for this review, you do not need to worry about stability as Yatoshi knives usually have a full tang design. Giving them the extra push of stability needed to make sure the knife is durable and does not snap after a couple of months of using it.

Sharpness: Now the problem with off-brand knives is that you do not know how sharp they are and how long they will stay sharp. Before making a purchase, make sure the knife you are getting is of the desired sharpness. The sharpness of the knife makes or breaks the deal for everyone. So be sure to check out the sharpness of a knife before purchasing it.

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Yatoshi Knives Review 2022:

Made within YangJing, China, most people are afraid to buy knives from Yatoshi because of the repetition Chinese products hold. But, what they don’t realize is that Yatoshi knives imports their materials from Japan, and they are then maliciously manufactured. The city of YangJing is renowned for knife crafting for over 1500 years. Their Damascus series specifically is specially crafted using imported Japanese VG-10 super steel. Which then goes through dozens of processes and manufacturers to get it to its prime condition. Yatoshi knives are heat-treated, cols rolled, and annealed to reveal the layered pattern possessed by the infamous Damascus series.


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Thus, the knives can achieve exceptional quality and a low cost. Their unparalleled quality and support at pure value are what make this Yatoshi knives review which while. Yatoshi’s Chinese factory stands proudly over any other brand within YiangJiang as all their manufacturers and artisans are on a mission to prove to the world that China can also produce and manufacture high-quality products. To check out the hundreds of reviews from real customers all around the world, check out Yatoshi knives on Amazon.

Product Options:

Yatoshi knives are amazing. But before making a purchase, you first need to view its price and the products Yatoshi Provides.

Here is a price and product options chart that will help you get a better idea of the prices and products availability of Yatoshi knives:

Yatoshi Procuct OptionsPrice
1. 5 Piece Knife Set
2. 7 Piece Knife Set With Sharpner
3. Damascus 3 Kitchen Knives Set
4. Professional Knife Sharpener

How they’re made:

There are two types of knives that Yatoshi manufactures-forged and stamped. In general, forged knives are of higher quality than stamped knives because they are precision-forged from a single piece of high-quality materials, but stamped knives are much cheaper in price. Yatoshi knives are mostly made out of forged, but they still have some series of stamped knives simply because of customers who don’t want to spend too much on a knife. Yatoshi knives have dozens of processes they go through and are touched by multiple skilled craftsmen who have known the art of knife making and perfected it over many years.

Steels for the blade are transported from many countries. Especially for their Damascus series, the steel is exported from Japan ad the VG-10 super steel is then heat-treated, cold-rolled, and annealed to make the knife as tough as possible for any circumstance. Why do Yatoshi knives go through this much effort to make the knife the best there is? It’s pretty simple actually. To produce the best kitchen knives at the best possible price. This is a mentionable specialty of Yatoshi in this Yatoshi knives review. Any knife company and factory out there can produce kitchen knives at a massive amount. But without the dozens of processes, Yatoshi wouldn’t be where it is today and wouldn’t be able to offer the stability and sharpness that it comes with each of their knives. Some people distrust the manufacturers because of the manufacturing place, China. It’s true, China does have a reputation for 2nd hand products. But what most people don’t realize is that Yatoshi imports most of its steel for its knives from countries like Japan. This means there can be no admixture used in the manufacturing and the knives come out a beautiful blend between sharp and durable.

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Over the decades, Yatoshi has figured out how to make pretty amazing knives. When purchasing a Yatoshi kitchen knife, here’s what you can expect in terms of performance and characteristics:

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Straight out of the factory, Yatoshi knives are sharpened at an approximately 15-degree angle. To test out this amount of sharpness, a slicing test was performed on the knife, which the knife passed easily and without a problem. The knife was able to cut a piece of paper into thin pieces without a hassle and needed extra strength. Although you can find sharper knives with a better edge on the market, you shouldn’t need anything sharper than 15 degrees (30 degrees total) unless you’re a sushi chef. Not to mention the surprisingly low price compared to that of Wusthof knives and other giants in the industry. The perfect balance between sharpness and edge retention is what makes the Yatoshi brand unique and true to its name.

Edge retention:

A kitchen knife is no good if it doesn’t hold its edge long-term. That is why Yatoshi knives are fully forged with a single piece of VG-10 super steel. This type of blade is unique because it is sharp even before it is sharpened within the factory.

The unique blade is then sharpened more and their edge retention is tested by several workmen under extreme circumstances. These knives can handle an immense amount of pressure without snapping or dulling. A mix of high-quality steel combined with a malicious manufacturing process gives Yatoshi knives the high edge retention they possess.

Blade Material:

As mentioned earlier, Yatoshi knives are maliciously manufactured by hundreds of skilled craftsmen. But all that would mean nothing if the process itself did not start from the highest quality materials. That is why, for most of the products as well as their best selling one, a steel called 7Cr17MoV is used. This is also known as Japanese stainless steel. The Japanese-style blade has a reliable performance with extremely durable lifetime sustainability.

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The knives have been forged with precision-engineered blades that have high corrosion resistance, anti-rust, and anti-stain technology. With a 15-degree angle cutting edge, Yatoshi knives have an extreme hardness of HRC58+. This ultra-sharp blade makes your prep work extremely easy and fun!

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Handle Material:

Yatoshi knife handles are made out of Japanese-style Pakkawood. These Japanese Pakkawood knife handles are made to fit into the user’s fingers. These handles are extremely versatile and have soft-touch handles made from dishwasher-safe material. They provide a secure grip with a water-resistant Japanese-styled handle. Rather than western handles which are all too weighty and tough to control, the handles made within Yatoshi’s factory in China offer a graceful control of a traditional Japanese style handle which has been perfected over the centuries.

The sophisticated and fashionable design makes the knife an attraction to anyone looking to light up their kitchen. This trait also makes these knives a perfect gift for newlyweds, college students as well as anyone setting up a kitchen for the first time which I had to mention in this Yatoshi knives review. A soft-touch handle that won’t harbor any diseases or bacteria is exactly what you need to look for in a handle.

Common Complaints:

So far, I have mostly only been singing the good things about Yatoshi knives in this Yatoshi knives review. The fact is, Yatoshi knives are pretty exquisite-but like everything else, these knives also have their cons. Although people who complain about Yatoshi knives are in the minority, they still do exist. That is why here are some things that people have complained about after using the knife.

They are expensive:

The biggest issue people have when purchasing Yatoshi knives is that they’re too expensive. It is true, these knives are way more expensive than any normal unbranded kitchen knife you may find on the market. But those slimline knives have one little problem. They dull out in 1-2 months.

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What Yatoshi offers to all their customers is a one-and-done deal that has extreme edge retention with a perfectly sharp edge. You will only need to invest once in Yatoshi knives and then you can enjoy a lifetime of great knives. But, if you’re not yet ready to make that investment and want something cheaper, you can check out the best chef knives under $100.

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They are heavy:

People have also complained about the knives being too heavy for petite hands. The steel used for the knives is imported from Japan. And over the centuries, knife crafters in Japan have figured out how to manufacture the perfect blend between weight and quality. Yatoshi products have a very unique think blade, a curved bolster, and a solid handle that makes them heavier than most other knife manufacturers. The added weight adds to the balance of the knife by providing a sturdy feel and at the same reducing the amount of force needed to be exerted onto the cutting board.

If you prefer lighter knives, Yatoshi might not be the brand for you.

Instead, you should consider getting the Wusthof Silverpoint line. They have great inexpensive knives with a stamped nature to make them lightweight for people who prefer them.


To conclude this Yatoshi knives review, we encourage you to check out all the products displayed in this article. Now that you know all you need to about Yatohi knives, you can go ahead and consider what you need and then purchase the one you think will suit you the best. An investment in the cutlery of your kitchen can really help you enjoy prep work and cooking more as well as decrease the overall time it takes to make a dish.

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